Inner Conch Piercing

Is my conch piercing infected?

I got my inner conch pierced about a month ago and it was fine until a small bump thing appeared next to the earring, it’s still painful to touch which I heard was normal. I’ve been cleaning it with a sea salt water solution my piercer gave me and I don’t know how to make [...]

i got my inner conch pierced today and i was wondering should i rotate it even though its swolen??

I just got my conch pierced today 7/15/08 and I was wondering if i should rotate it or push it in and out through the hole while I’m cleaning it even though its swolen??

what’s should be the normal inner diameter for a conch piercing?

one that is not too big or too small

tell me what you think, pleaseee…should i get my inner conch pierced??

so, i am a piercing fanatic and ive seen this piercing a few times on some other girls and i really loved the way it looked…but im afraid that i might have too many piercings to pull it off. this is the kind of inner conch piercing i want to get, but i want to [...]

How much will a conch piercing hurt?

I’m considering getting an inner-conch and i want to know how much you thought it hurt or have heard it hurt. Also, i have my belly button and snug pierced do you think it will be more painful, my belly button didn’t hurt but my snug hurt quite a lot. Thanks (:


I know some similar questions have been asked, but I’m not sure this exact one has? Anyway, I recently got my inner conch pierced (recently meaning…last night. hehe) and I was pierced with a 14g needle and I have in 16g horshoe-esque thing that goes around my whole ear. Looks like that, but it’s not [...]

sea salt soaks on conch piercing?

How do you do a sea salt soak on an inner conch piercing. My piercer just told me to do them but I’ve never had a piercing before and it seems awkward to just soak my ear in a cup or something? I know this sounds ridiculous but how the heck do you do a [...]

Completely bad idea to pierce my own inner conch?

Other than the infection part which is possible if or if i don’t get it professionally done.. Is it a completely bad idea to have a friend pierce my inner conch (inside of my ear). And what do i need to know before i do it??? Whether you tell me if its a bad idea [...]

Does a conch hurt worse than a cartilage piercing?

Can anybody help me out on a lil’ advise with a inner conch piercing? I want to get a conch piercing I have a cartilage…and I was wanting to know does it hurt more or less? I have a high pain tolerance, but yet I’m still a chicken ’til after it’s already done. lol So [...]

Should I get an inner conch or tragus piercing?

Okay, I’m 15 turning 16 tomorrow (16′s the legal age in the UK to get a piercing without a parent) and I’m going away to the mainland for a couple of days with my best friend next week (I live on an island, there are no piercers here) and I’ve decided to get either my [...]