Inner Conch Piercing

question about ear piercings. is getting your inner conch pierced painful?

im thinking about getting both of my ears pierced i dont have any piercings im 18 and im a guy i do have tattoos nothing too complicated 2 simple stars on the inside of my forearms is it painful???and what do they use to pierce it ?? i heard something about dermal punches or something [...]

inner conch piercing, help ?!?

i got mine done like 5 months ago. i know your supposed to wait to change it for 12 months but the earring was falling appart. i had a hard time getting the earring out and everything so my ear really hurts. i put a monroe stud in so its pretty difficult to clean. what [...]

can you put a spiral barbell in a inner conch piercing?

something like this?

What’s it called when you connect your tragus piercing with your inner conch? and does anyone have any better pictures of it?

conch piercing jewelry curved barbell to a horseshoe?

I went to change my inner conch piercing to a horse shoe ring and I cant seem to figure out how to get it on? Would it be to small? It just seems like its not in far enough but I cant put it in any more without having to turn it? Sorry its hard [...]

Question about the Inner Conch Piercing..?

I am getting a conche piercing in a weeks time and i am gonna DRILL about em! 1.Do you like them? 2.Have one? 3.Experience a lot of pain? 3b.Rate pain from 1 – 10 (1 being no pain at all) 4.What ring did your artist use first? CBR or Barbel? 5.What size? 5b.Is size 14gauge [...]

Inner Conch Piercing – Infected?

I got it done two or three days ago, and now my whole right ear is red and swollen. The redness also spreads a bit behind my ear, kind of down my neck. I’m on antibiotics for it (thanks to my mum) but the thing is, I wore studs the day after I got it [...]

Rook in comparison to an inner conch piercing?

I’m going to get my rook pierced in about two weeks. I keep reading about how much the rook “hurts” because the amount of cartilage it goes through, but I’ve squeezed my rook and I’ve squeezed my conch (which has been doubly pierced for about a year), and the conch seems to be much thicker. [...]

I think I tore my conch piercing! How do I take care of it and prevent a keloid from growing?

Here’s the deal: I got a conch piercing (inner ear cartilage) about 5 years ago. I woke up this morning and it was sore. I think I may have slept on it in a weird way because my inner ear cartilage is reddish and sensitive. It doesn’t hurt enough to be an infection, but I [...]

Does anyone have their inner conch pierced?

If so, how was the experience? How much bad did it hurt? How was the healing process? What kind of compliments or remarks do you get on your piercing?