Inner Conch Piercing

inner conch piercing question?

what kind of jewelry can you wear? what size needle do piercers usually use?

price of inner conch piercing in st. marks NY?

pretty self explanatory… i also do realize there are 8 million people in new york and someone at some point will probably see the question. thanks.

How to clean a newly pierced Inner Conch Piercing?

I Just pierced my conch 2 days ago, i clean it with bactine and hot water, it is VERY sensative and tender, it hurts to touch it and clean it, am i doing something wrong? its not infected,.. the barbell is really big though, should i switch it to something smaller or leave the barbell [...]

What length barbell would be best for inner conch piercing?

i was pierced with a 14G captive ring but that ended up not agreeing with my ear, so i went to a different piercer who put a circular barbell in instead…. i’m still having some trouble so i was thinking of putting a curved barbell in my conch instead — but what length what suit [...]

Can someone answer these questions about my conch piercing?

I just got an inner conch piercing on Thursday. When will I be able to change the piercing? Also, when I am able to change it, can I swap piercings everyday or have to have one in for a certain time period? My piercer also said when I change it, not to put plastic, etc [...]

pros and cons about inner conch piercing?

ive been looking on google for information about the inner conch piercing but i cant find any. 1) how much pain did you have with it ? 2) How long is the healing time? 3) is it better to get it pierced with a CBR or straight barbell? 4) how long after you get the [...]

anyone with an inner conch piercing? i need help!?

i am looking to get an inner conch piercing. I already have four lobe piercings, nostril and tragus. however, my tragus was frozen and i didnt feel anything, so i’m not sure how i am with pain. I didnt think my nose piercing hurt though. I have chosen the studio i want to go to, [...]

Inner Conch Piercing aftercare?

So I got my inner conch pierced on Sunday (The 13th) And I was told to do sea salt soaks for 5 minutes twice everyday. Well I’ve been doing that, then somebody I was talking to whom just got theirs done was told to do salt soaks AND clean it with soap. They were using [...]

piercing pagoda? inner conch piercing?

there is a piercing pagoda in my local mall. it says that all piercings are free with a purchase of earrings. i want to get my inner conch pierced… would they do this there? and roughly how much would it cost? thank you.

Inner Conch Piercing (20 characters)?

I want to get my inner conch pierced in the near future but I tend to get a little worked up before piercings so I just wanted to hear some other peoples experiences with it. How bad was the pain and how was the healing process. I also have a industrial and tongue piercing so [...]