Inner Conch Piercing

inner conch piercing and headphones… =)?

does a inner conch piercing get in the way of ear-bud headphones? i’m thinking about getting one, but my music means too much to me to only get to listen to music in one ear. lol thx so much!

Is it possible to stretch an inner conch piercing? If so how much can i stretch it before it will not heal?

Inner Conch Piercing?

Im planning on getting an inner conch piercing and I’m just wanting to hear from anyone who has one. I’ve heard mixed opinions on pain and I know it all depends on the person but how much did yours hurt and how long did it take until you were able to sleep on it. I [...]

Read This If You Have An Inner Conch Piercing!?

I’m thinking about getting an inner conch piercing and for those who have them I have a couple questions. 1. On a scale of 1-10 how bad does it hurt? 2. How likely is it to get infected? 3. How long does it take to heal?

Inner conch piercing information?

Hi, I was planning to get my inner conch pierced, and I wanted to know what piece of jewelry they’re likely to put in and how much it is going to hurt. I already got my lobes, tragus and cartilage pierced, is the pain somehow comparable? Thanks

What is the standard length of the labret in a newly pierced inner conch?

I am thinking about getting my inner conch pierced. I want to bring in my own jewelry. What is the standard length of a labret for a conch piercing? Is a 16 gauge okay? Would you recommend getting both conches pierced on both ears in one sitting or will that be too painful?

How much would an inner conch piercing hurt?

industrial and inner conch piercing questions?

I’ve been thinking about getting an industrial piercing and my inner conches pierced. first off, is an industrial piercing unisex? i’ve only seen a few guys with them…and second does it matter what ear i get it in? i know these are new times and all, but does the old left is right and right [...]

How old do you have to be to get an inner conch piercing?

I’m 15 and i have permission from my parents. Also how old do you have to be to get you orbital pierced? And cartilage? And industrial? Lol. Thanks.

Do you have an Inner Conch Piercing?

Can I get experiences, dos and don’ts, how you’ve found it best to sleep – Gauge, style, pictures? I know that the conch is one of the most stable, durable places to get pierced, which is reassuring. But it’s also not the most adventurous. Even so I’d like to get a straight and detailed description [...]