Inner Helix Piercing

Tattoo pain compared to piercings.?

I’m thinking about getting a tattoo on my inner wrist, I have a very boney wrist and was told that might make it more painful, also that it would bleed more than other places. Now I have a few piercings, septum, had left nostril took it out, tongue, industrial right ear, and stretching my ears, [...]

Can you get piercings with any style?

I recently have started getting into piercings and tattoos. I have a small tattoo on my foot and other than the normal lobe piercings I have an inner conch (the inside bowl of my ear). I am currently hoping for at least two more ear-type piercings and a belly piercing and maybe some microdermals. For [...]

stretching outter conch cartlidge and punches?

i want to get something like this they are 6g 8g and 10g outer conch punches. i have 00G lobes so i know quite a lot about stretching and piercings, but not much about larger guage cartlidge, i onlyhave 18 guage cartlidge piercings, double rook, helix, and inner conch. is it possible to stretch [...]

Will a ball for a 14g barbell fit on any 14g barbell?

If I have those ball thingys you put on the end of a barbell, and i wanted to put it on a different barbell of the same size, would it fit? They are not the same brand. One is sterling silver from where i got it pierced, the other is from Ardene’s. I got my [...]

tongue piercings help?

heyy i am thinking about getting my tongue pierced. im eighteen and have had my belly button and several ear piercings like translobal and inner helix. i was wondering how much it hurts?? and if it feels good when kissing etc. also does it affect your speech or breath. only people who have had it [...]

What do you think of this unique ear piercing?

So this month I’m going to get a new piercing. If you know what industrials are then I want to know what you think of this customized industrial. It’s a vertical industrial, it’ll be going first through my helix, then through my rook, and finally though my conch. (helix is cartilage at the top of [...]

industrial piercing expirences?

i am getting my industrial pierced on my bday. feb 4! andd im a bit scared, i dont know why, i have had my tragus,inner conch, rook, belly,lip,septum, anti tragus, snug and several helix piercings before… out of all of them my rook was the most painful for me, how was your expirence with this [...]

Snug or inner conch with a big CBR?

Which do you prefer? I’m also considering a helix in that same area, but it’s too… outward, I probably won’t be considering it for long. Snug: Inner conch: Helix: Thanks(:

if i buy my own jewelry how much on a average will i pay for these piercing?

inner conch (one ear) tragus (both ears) helix (one ear)

Which piercing?????????????????????????????

im getting my ear pierced today and i was thinking about my industrial,tragus,inner rook,or forward helix. which of out of these hurt the most,and the least. which is most popular? which hurts the mostttt???????