Inner Helix Piercing

What is this piercing called?

I’ve hurd it been called a helix, anti tragus, inner helix, anti rook, and an anti helix. I’ve tried looking up pictures on the internet, but every time I find a picture of the piercing in the right position, It’s called something new. Note that the piercing in this picture is below the area where [...]

How badly does a rook piercing hurt?

Fyi, it’s on the inner cartledge of your ear, near the helix.

Would a piercing and small tattoo be trashy?

I look very innocent, btw, haha. I want a helix piercing stud, which is on the top cartilage, like here: And because my last name is Anker, I want to get a small, simple anchor tattoo on my inner ankle. I want the piercing when I’m 18, as my mom won’t consent now (I’m [...]

inner conch piercing costs and pain?

i hav my tragus.snug,monroe,inverse belly, and stretched lobes and helixes. i want to get my inner conch done on my left ear since it is naked with nothing but a lobe in it. i wanted to get it done with a 16g and i was wondering how much it would cost? my piercer for my [...]

Would an inner conch piercing go with a tragus piercing well?

I’m a 18 year old male and the only piercing I have is a tragus (bar, not ring) on my left ear. I have gotten nothing but good feedback about it and I love the fact that not everyone has one. If I was to get another piercing on the same ear, should it be [...]

What’s the normal healing process for an inner-conch piercing?

I got my inner conch piercing 5 days ago (right ear). I already have left-side rook piercing, right-side tragus piercing, couple of lobes and a helix, so I pretty much thought I knew what to expect. I’m also pretty good with piercings – they normally heal quickly, with little pain (if any), and with no [...]


Hello (: Im a 15 year old girl & thus coming weekend i am going with my dad to get my ear pierced. I want something different to what everyone else has. I went in the piercing shop the other day and asked the lady about having my forward helix done, but after examining my [...]

Rook or inner conch piercing?

I was wondering if someone could help me; I’m planning on getting either a rook piercing, or an inner conch piercing this weekend.. I’m leaning towards inner conch, but I’m not sure. In your opinion, which one looks better, on a girl? Which one is the least painful? Would I be able to pierce my [...]

thinking about inner conch piercing?

I’ve had my cartilage (helix) piercing twice (next to each other) as well as my nose and belly button. I’m expecting the conch to hurt worse, but how does it compare to the others? How bad is the pain? Any stories/experiences? Thanks!

What is the piercing called in your inner ear thingy?

Idk how to0 descirbe it besides the inner ear, so what is it called, and i don’t mean the helix piercing oh and what is teh monroe piercing? i don’t think it is conch, it is the inner part attached sorta to your face?