Lobe Orbital Piercing

weddings & piercings?

so my fiance and i are both tattooed and pierced. i have my lobes slightly guaged (i’ve gone back down but they’re still 10s), and i have a bunch of cartlidge piercings as well. i never take any of them out. he has an industrial, and conch, and and orbital, but he got some clear [...]

What are some cool punk/gothic earrings?

I’ going to school on the 24th.I need some cool earrings to wear that i can buy at hot toppic or at the mall.I need the name of the Design and maybe a picture of it.I’m this is the way i will get my ears pierced.This is like my left and right.on my left.I want [...]

What piercings do you have/want?

i got 1 medusa 1 orbital 1 tragus 10 lobes/rims 2 nipples Want my other tragus tounge fill in the rest of the rim on my ears anti-tragus on both ears And a The Ashley piercing can be seen as a type of inverse vertical labret, with one bead sitting on top of the lip [...]

Does anyone else feel weird when they don’t have their jewelery in (talking about piercings)?

I do,i took my medusa (its the piercing above the upper lip) out for a little over a month..I had to put it back in lol i was sad without it…Anyone else like me? And what piercings do you have? Me Medusa Orbital 1-Tragus 4-Lobes piercings first are stretched to 0g and the other are [...]

Survey-How many Tattoo(s) and or Piercing(s) do you have???Will you get more???

I have Tattoos Full Egyptian Sleeve Working on a Tool tribute lower leg sleeve Working on a lower leg sleeve its Bio mechancel 2-Skull Cherries on my chest Piercings 1-Medusa 1-Orbital 1-Tragus 2-Nipples 10-Lobes/Helix And i plan of getting many,many more tattoos..I think ill be about 70-75% covered by the time im done lmao..Piercings im [...]

What piercing do you think would suit me?

I’m trying to think what would look nice with my medusa piercings (which ill never take out) Surface piercings are out due to my body rejecting them..Also i know some may say “Ewww.” “Your ugly” i heard it before and it does not hurt my feeling I’ll list the piercings i have.. 1-Medusa 1-Orbital 1-Tragus [...]

Which do you like more,tattoos or piercing?And how many do you have?

I love them both,but tattoos do it more for me.. I have a few tattoos,im posting the link cause i hate explaining what they look like lol lazy i know http://s201.photobucket.com/albums/aa66/morgen1213/MyTattoosAndPiercings/ Piercings-9 1-Medusa 1-Orbital 4-Lobes,first are stretched to 0g the second are 14g 1-Tragus And both my nipples.. What about you,post link if you want [...]

Are my piercings infected or just irritated?

I recently got four piercings. Recently, as in five days ago. I got my traguses, and an antihelix orbital. The traguses hurt more during the piercing process, but I can’t even feel them now. The orbital didn’t hurt at all going in, but now it throbs and the slightest touch brings excruciating pain. This makes [...]

Which piercing should I get on my ear?

I already have: Left Ear: Industrial, Rook, 2 lobes @ 8 G, 1 lobes @ 10 G Right Ear: Orbital, Forward Helix, Tragus, 1 lobes @ 8 G, 2 lobes @ 10 G Misc: Nostril, Nape, Septum Help me decide which ear piercing I should get next! 1). It is my body and I will [...]

Where should i get my ear pierced?

I want to get a second hole on my ear/ ears, I only have my lower lobe pierced atm, but want something a bit different for returning to school with in september! Please help, I like : http://www.bodyjewelleryshop.com/body_piercing_information/location_types/ear_snug.cfm and http://www.bodyjewelleryshop.com/body_piercing_information/location_types/ear_orbital.cfm and http://www.bodyjewelleryshop.com/body_piercing_information/location_types/ear_orbital.cfm which one? or another one you think of or know! lol However I [...]