Lobe Orbital Piercing

What are you favorite piercings and least favorite?

Favorite Medusa Stretched lobes Tragus Orbital Nipples Ashley Bridge Anti-Eyebrow Surface piercings Horizontal lip Snug Nose Septum Least Snakebites-They are to over done Belly-Another over done piercing Hehe you said sweater vest dashing That’s to hot…

Ear piercing (with picture)?

Okay, can someone please tell me what this piercing is called? I know its like a lobe orbital but like, its just above the lobe? (see picture) the one with the red box around. http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c32/Angelcookie51/ghfdjb.jpg and whoever makes comments like that “kourtney” one, please, seriously, go away. Seriously, if you have nothing better to do [...]

What do you think of the anti-tragus piercing?

Here’s some pics if you don’t know what it is, or forgot- (It’s the plain hoop right above her lobe piercings) http://www.burlyfishtattoo.com/Piercing/Steph/full%20size/AntiTragus_Orbital.jpg (It’s the two balls right above her second lobe piercing) http://c2.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/109/m_e4d70cce793a4403926dde636efdd001.jpg I’m thinking of getting one on Friday.

How should I prepare if I’m gonna get an ear piercing?

My sis wants a conch and a cartilage and I want a helix orbital. We’re newbies to piercings (apart from the lobe piercings we’ve had since we were babies), so we want to make sure whatever body piercing studi we go to is legit. The question is: What should we ask the artists and look [...]

Which piercing to get?

Hi everyone! So, I’m considering getting new piercings (the max is two, sigh) as a Christmas present from my parents. I already have two lobe piercings and a helix piercing on my left ear. I’m deciding between two options: 1) an industrial piercing on the right and a rook on the left 2) an orbital [...]

What kind of piercing should I get?

When i turned 13 i got my lobes pierced and i just turned 18 two weeks ago and i got an industrial on my right ear going horizontal…i love it and now im addicted to it lol but what do u guys think i should get next? i just need a few ideas to mull [...]

What ear piercing should I get?

I already have 4 simples lobe holes in each ear, but I’m getting something a bit more unique and uncommon. I’m between the lobe orbital or the rook. If you don’t know what it is, look it up please. I’m getting one or both done Thursday, so I need your help! Also, if there are [...]

orbital piercing?

if you connect two holes in your lobe with a ring does it count as an orbital? … (1st + 2nd hole)

A couple Piercing Questions?

I need to know the cost of an Industrial and an Orbital piercing. Is it possible to get an Orbital piercing on your lobe? If so, could I still get it if I get my lobe pierced or had them pierced in the past. My lobes closed up about two years ago. How long is [...]

How can I tell if an orbital piercing ring is too small or too big?

I got my first lobe piercing when i was little, and my 2nd lobe piercing about a month and a half ago. Well I decided to turn it into an orbital piercing. I didn’t have a CBR so i used a horseshoe. I also stretched it to a 16G, since the rings I have are [...]