Lobe Orbital Piercing

I created my own orbital lobe piercing using my existing lobe piercings. What jewelry is the most typical?

I was bored last night and decided to use my existing second and third lobe piercings to form an orbital lobe piercing. I joined them with a 16 gage captive ring. I have the ball facing outward. I have been looking like crazy for pictures of this type of piercing, and haven’t been able to [...]

Rook, snug or orbital lobe piercing?

Which do you personally like more? And which ear should I get them on? In my ears I currently have normal first holes in both ears, a second hole in my right ear and a helix piercing in my left ear. Thanks

orbital lobe piercing question?

so i am thinking about getting the orbital piercing for both my ears today since it is national pierce day. I am thinking about getting my 2nd lobe holes done with the gun and then getting my third hols with the needle and a pro shop. is this a good idea. I have had my [...]

Lobe Orbital Piercing?

Hey, Well, I’m looking to get a lobe orbital piercing. I’m looking for a studio that will do it some place near Ottawa. If anyone knows of a good place, let me know. (Not every studio will do it, btw.) :0 thankkks

i am interested in getting a lobe orbital piercing, but can’t i just get a ring through the 2 i already have?

can i? i’m not really sure if it really works like that though. help?