Orbital Piercing

Should I get the piercing…? (Answers please)?

I’m having a really hard time deciding this, so I came to you guys for help. I really want a helix orbital (picture: http://z.about.com/d/tattoo/1/0/3/L/piercingpics2.jpg It’s two holes on the top part of the ear, with one ring going through both, hence “orbital”) but my parents are VERY against piercings and tattoos and things like that. [...]

Which piercing would hurt most..?

These are all ear piecings: Orbital Pinna or Auricle I want to get one of these, but I’m not quite sure which. Tell me your experiences, or how you think it’ll feel like. here’s a web to the piercings: http://www.bodyjewelleryshop.com/body_jewellery_shop/body_piercings/ear_piercing_jewellery.cfm Please and thanks <3

Conch piercing questions?

I want to get a conch piercing this week, when I go to get my tattoo. Or maybe a second orbital, we will see. I have 18 piercings. Is it better to use a CBR, Seamless, horseshoe, labret, or barbell for initial jewelry. I know pain if relative to everyone so a couple of experiences [...]

Trouble Rotating Cartilage Piercing?

I just got my cartilage pierced yesterday, and I’m not sure how to rotate the piercing. My piercer said it was an orbital, but when I lookup the earring, the earring is called a twist barbell (also called spiral barbell). Can anyone give tips as to how I can rotate my piercing??

I’m trying to pind a pic of a piercing. Can anyone help?

It’s an industrial that turns into an orbital. I found it on here once before but then I lost it. If you know where it is please send me the link. Thanks This pic shows the industrial across the top of the ear and with the same piece of jewlery it twist around the outter [...]

How do you take out an orbital belly button ring?

I got my belly button pierced about 2 weeks ago. They said I could change it to a barbel after 2 weeks, but now I can’t figured out how to take this ring out. It’s a complete circle with a ball in the middle(like where the two ends come together). I tried to unscrew it [...]

The Best Ways to Treat a Cartilage Piercing?

Just a few days ago, I’ve had my cartilage piercing done with an ear piercing gun, which infact didn’t hurt much at all since I’ve had the freezing spray sprayed around my cartilage area which lessened the pain. I clean it twice a day and take good care of it, but now it has been [...]

Could my ear piercing be infected?

okay so I got it done a week ago, January 2. and well a few days ago(like 2) it started to hurt a lot..like more than usual..then I noticed that it got swollen around the area. Oh btw I got my orbital pierced top right of my ear (two piercings?) anyways it got swollen. I [...]

Whats the best place in pike county ky to get cartilage piercing?

i was going to go to claries but i dont think they will do the helix orbital, or will they, idk please help

Good ear piercing cleaning solution?

About 2 or 3 weeks ago i got an orbital piercing done, and i still got the white stuff coming out. A friend of mine (worked in a piercing shop) said it might be infected, and to use a saline solution. I went to the pharmacy but i couldnt afford the regular solution, so the [...]