Orbital Piercing

What do they call this piercing?

It is like an orbital piercing but it has a third hole. i have a picture for you. also do you know where i can get the type of jewelry that she has in the picture. I think orbital are started off as 2 separate piercing but some videos i have been watching has show [...]

Piercing Question! Ocean water ‘okay’??

I want to get my orbital pierced today, but a week from now I’m going down to Mexico on vacation. Some people have told me not to go into the ocean because of the bacteria that can infest in my piercing, and some other people have told me it’s ‘okay’ because it’s salt water and [...]

How hard would it be to get a tragus anti tragus orbital?

I already have my tragus pierced, but how hard would it be to go back and get the anti tragus done and connect the two to be an orbital? I don’t plan on doing it any time soon, but was thinking in a few years when I can go get it without the parents.

Any info. on orbital piercings?

For the past year or so i have been contemplating some kind of piercing. Finally, I have decided to get an orbital piercing in the scapha of my ear (Diagrams and pictures on links). I have read all information on the Association of Professional Piercers website and have taken notes on the most important parts. [...]

Can someone send me pictures of the following piercings?

A Conch Piercing and a Orbital Piercing?

any1 got any kool ideas for unusual ear piercing… i already have my tragus dun and an orbital.?

Piercing question: So I am thinking about getting an orbital on my left ear but..?

but it has already been pierced. It was pierced with a stud by Claire’s with a gun. I did not know then that guns were not the way to go. So I am wondering if I should keep this hole open and preserve it for my orbital, or if I should let it close and [...]

piercing the anti-tragus, daith, orbital, forward pinna, rook, or snug by my self any tips?

going to attempt to do a few of those on my ears by myself and im not sure if i could stab something that could mess my ear up…? any tips on how to do any of those piercings?

Which piercing hurts more, the orbital or traigus?

just wondering.. I have my traigus done and I was considering getting the orbital.

What piercing should i get next…conch orbital, venoms, or navel piercing?

Out of those three which should i get next. I currently have an industrial, rook, and nostril piercing. To see a picture of my stupid face go here.. http://www.planetneil.com/tangents/images/models/lauren-syn/NV3_1127-edit.jpg