Orbital Piercing

Cartilage orbital piercing on a guy?

I really don’t care what other people think as long as the ladies don’t find it a complete turn off but I’m trying to decide between getting a helix orbital or just a normal double helix. Or maybe even a single helix. I want something unique for sure so I’m leaning towards one of the [...]

Trouble rotating orbital piercing?

I just got my cartilage pierced yesterday, and I’m not sure how to rotate the piercing. My piercer said it was an orbital, but when I lookup the earring, the earring is called a twist barbell (also called spiral barbell). Can anyone give tips as to how I can rotate my piercing??

Orbital lobe piercing? What the Jewerly looks like? =]?

I have my earlobes pierced just once, but Im going to get them done twice more- so then Ill have 3 holes in each lobe. I was wondering, with two of the holes next to each other, could I get one of those small plain round earings (They are called sleepers, but Im not sure [...]