Outer Conch Piercing

Soulition for cleaning piercings?

I was speaking with a [future] piercing apprentice that works at Hot Topic. And she had told me that I could just use Saline solution to clean my piercings. So I went out and bought a Saline solution for contact lenses. Is that OK? o_o; I just did my outer conch myself, and I need [...]

Where to pierce my ear when I have small ears?

I want to get another ear piercing but im afraid that because my ears are small I am limited to where the piercing should go to look good. I currently only have 1 lobe piercing in each ear. For my next one I am looking to get one in my outer conch, or in the [...]

should my rook bar be this long?

sorry for the bad quality picture. i had my rook done yesterday along with my outer conch, after havng my conch and anti tragus done, but i was wondering if the rook bar should be so long :S my mate had her rook done and the bar was tiny compared to mine. http://s823.photobucket.com/albums/zz159/Courtney94x/?action=view&current=93.jpg also what [...]

I require an opinion about ear piercings, preferably from someone who has some.?

I’m a guy and i plan on getting my left ear pierced 5 times. 1 lobe, 2 outer conches (spaced apart), 1 helix, and 1 tragus. Can i get them all done in one session, and if so how expensive would that be?

Bumps on my ear piercing!?

I have somehow managed to get AT LEAST one ‘bump’ on each of my piercings! :S (rook, snug, forward pinna, outer conch) I’ve always sea salt soaked them, and my piercer says its irritation bumps, probably slept on them by accident, even though i really try not to :/ She suggested chamomile tea, and it [...]

what hurts more ear cartilage or nostril.?

so i have 4 lobe piercings on one ear and 3 on the other, my nostril and septum are pierced, also i have my lip. (a lot i know but its my life and if i dont want them or want to hide them from a job i have retainers and worst thing is i [...]

Piercings – all on one ear or shared between the two?

I want to get thefollowing parts of my ear pierced: snug, daith, rook and outer conch. I already have my lobes pierced. Do i get everything on one ear? ie should i get lyk conch and daith on 1 ear, rook and snug on the other, or smething like that!

Help! Is my piercing infected ?

Okay so i got two little studs in my outer conch done for my 18th birthday. He used a completely sterilized needle and i made sure everything was clean and freshly opened. Ive been cleaning both piercings 2-3 times a day with a sea salt spray and hot water when i get in the shower. [...]

Snug piercing inflamed?

Well not that much really.. but anyway, had it for about 10 weeks- going down still. Some days it just looks red and a tag puffy and slightly how, but then that goes and it’s all normal coloured and feels fine. i cant tell what sets it off though. i dont sleep on it, only [...]

Do you think this piercing is cute?

the “outer conch cartilage” lol thats a weird name. do you think that type of piercing is cute or kinda dumb. i want to get it, but i cant decide… here is the part of the ear i want pierced (just look for the name): http://www.ofcourseithurts.info/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=190&g2_serialNumber=1 i wouldn’t get a ring like this one though. [...]