Outer Conch Piercing

Where is the conch piercing located exactly?

I know there are lower/upper or outer/inner conch piercings, but I’m confused on where they really are. Let’s say the daith piercing is the dividing line… I’ve seen pictures where they are pierced in the area below the rook piercing (near the snug area) above the daith. But then have seen them pierced really low, [...]

advice for someone wanting a conch piercing?

I have two holes in each of my lobes but no other piercings… i’ve been wanting a conch done for a while and was thinking of going to a respected parlour in my city to get it done this week but i’m hearing lots of different things regarding the pain. I like to think i [...]

Is piercing your ear lobes the same as piercing your cartilage? ?

I pierced my ear lobes myself three months ago, and they’re doing fine. They’re at a fourteen gauge and they aren’t infected or anything. I’d like to know if there’s any downside about piercing your cartilage yourself. I’ve heard that you could get cauliflower ear from piercing your cartilage wrong. I want the outer conch [...]

Inner Conch Piercing – What do i do?

Okay, so i just had my inner conch pierced today, most painful thing i’ve ever had done; but i love it(: The man that did it wasn’t too sure on what i wanted so i showed him a picture of where i wanted it and the type of ring. I don’t think he realised where [...]

Triple lobe piercing or double lobe and a conch. which is better?

I already got my lobes pierced on both ears. Now i want either two more lobe piercing OR one more lobe n an outer conch. Both ears. Will it be good or gross? any jewelery suggestions?

Conch piercing…HELP :D?

hi! i want to get my inner conch and my outer conch pierced but i’m scared that my inner conch would pain a lot… does it hurt really that bad? can i pierce on the same ear which i already have my tragus pierced? i have 6 piercings on my other ear on the lobe [...]

does the ‘outer conch’ piercing hurt ?

for anyone who has or has had the outer conch, how bad does it hurt getting pierced ! does it bleed ? no. i mean outer conch.. http://piercing-bg.com/img/ear/poli_outer_conch2.jpg i do not want my vagina pierced !?!?

Outer conch piercing- safe? ?

Overall, is this a safe piercing? I have heard stories of shattering cartiledge, etc. If I go to a professional, will it be ok? http://wiki.bmezine.com/index.php/Image:Outer_Conch_Piercing-4.jpg

Inner or outer conch piercing?

Which one do you like more? I’m still debating on which one I should get :/ I have three ear lobe piercings, so maybe an inner one would look too crowded? http://www.mookychick.co.uk/images/style/piercing_tragus.jpg (inner) http://img41.exs.cx/img41/6827/img00107ai.jpg (outer)

Outer conch and cartilige piercing?

i have my first two holes and they felt like a simple pinch to me. i’m thinking about getting the cartlige piercing on my right ear and the outer conch on my left ? how bad do they hurt ? do they bleed ? for anyone who’s had both done, which hurts worse ! any [...]