Ear Piercings

Can I use ear piercing cleaner for a bellybutton piercing?

So me and my best friend recently pierced our bellybuttons and being stupid we forgot to get cleaner. However I have some cleaner left over from when I got my ears pierced last October so I was just wondering if I could use my ear piercing cleaner for my bellybutton. Like would it work the [...]

How can I get my ear piercing to heal?

I’ve had my ears pierced for a few years, but on one ear, my earring has been slowly ripping the piercing, so that it’s a lot bigger than it was when I first got it. Is there anything I can do to help it heal before it rips all the way through my ear?

Can you space a horizontal ear piercing?

Can you space a horizontal ear piercing? I currently do not have my ear-lobe pierced at all, and I am looking to get a horizontal piercing. My question for you is, is it possible to space this (horizontal lobe) ? Any suggestions / tips / experiences would be much appreciated. Can you space a horizontal [...]

How long will it take for an ear piercing to close after healing for 6 weeks?

My parents won’t allow me to get ear piercing because im a guy and they think it is very unprofessional. We are going to our country and they will leave early and i will stay for 6 more weeks before i leave and meet with them again. So I want to take me earings off [...]

How can you prevent getting a keloid on an upper ear piercing?

I’m getting my upper ear pierced (ear cartilage) in a couple of days. I wanted to know what I can do before an after I get the piercing to prevent a keloid (bump) from forming. Thanks so much. Any advice would be much appreciated =)

What kind of piercing goes well with an industrial piercing on the same ear without looking cluttered?

I’m picking out what ways I want my ears pierced, I’ve decided to get an industrial piercing, but also want to put another piercing on the same ear as well, however I don’t want it to look cluttered. Any suggestions on what piercing would good well with an industrial? (Normal ear lobe piercings don’t really [...]

How do I know if my ear piercing is healed?

I have had my left ear pierced for 2 1/2 weeks with a hoop in it. I don’t get crust around the piercing anymore, and I can twist it all I want. I can even sleep on it. I want to change out my earring. I think my piercing is healed enough for it. I [...]

how long my ear piercing can take to close up after five weeks wearing them?

I had my ear piercing five weeks ago, but I want the holes to close up. How long can it can take to close up completely?

scalpelling lobes?

ok so my earlobes are naturally big  and well i was thinking of getting them dermal punched or scalpelled. i thought about streching but im a very inpatient person and plus the fact that my lobes are naturally big,there about the size of a nickel, makes me just wanna go big at once. any suggestions [...]

How long does it take for your ear piercing to heal?

I got my left ear pierced 12 days ago and the person who pierced it told me it should heal in 2 weeks(he is profesional body piercer) and he gave me this thing to clean my piercing once a day. I want to put on my new earing but i am afraid that something will [...]