Ear Piercings

What is the right age to start waxing eyebrows? Plus ear piercing? Does it hurt really that bad?

Im 13, but I have really hairy eyebrows, I talked to my grandma and she said absolutely yes and that she wants me to get my ears pierced :/. So, when I go to the salon what should I tell them about my eyebrows like what shape? I have no idea. and ear piercing? Does [...]

Do you think I should get a double ear piercing?

I really want a double ear piercing for my l eleventh birthday because I think it’s really cute. Thoughts?

How do you know if your ear piercing is infected?

I think my ear piercing is infected. It’s red and swollen. Also, it bleeds and after i take a shower, yellow stuff comes out sometimes i got my ears pierced July 2nd so its been like 2 months, i clean them twice a day oh and once in a while it starts to hurt A [...]

How old do I have to be to get my ears pierced without a parent?

My cousin is scared of getting her ears pierced, so I was going to go and get mine done again (moral support). My aunt said she would take the both of us to get it done. Now I’m wondering if my mom has to be there to sign something. BTW we plan on just going [...]

It seems like my ear piercing never healed?

My dad peirced my ears (second hole) with the little ear piercing guns you get at an earring store or something 4 years ago and it’s always a little painful to wear earrings in th second hole. I’ve let them partially close before (because it always bothered me to wear them) and then I would [...]

What can I do with the ear piercing that went wrong?

My 5 months old daughter just has her ears pierced. Everything would be perfect but on one ear the earring is in different place, just slightly but you can see the difference. What should I do, should I just take them off and wait few month to do it again?

How to convince your mom to let you get your ears pierced?

I really want my ears pierced, and she’s not too against it. Her main argument is that i might regret it when im older, and its permanent. But you can let them close right? Its just a small hole in the first place, not like its a tattoo or something thats hard to get rid [...]

What is the appropriate age for a little girl to get her ears pierced?

I have 3 daughters age 9, 8 and 4. They all want to get their ears pierced but I think they are too young. I’ve seen little babies with earrings and I think it looks so tacky and makes me want to cry! Are my kids old enough? What do you think is the appropriate [...]

Whats the ear piercing called thats on the top part of the ear?

Whats the ear piercing called thats on the top part of the ear? Does it have a proper name? Is it flesh or cartlidge? Thanks, I’m not sure what i should be asking for when I get it done. I’ve seen people with them, studs on the top parts of their ears. So yes, thanks.

How old to get an ear piercing in Oregon?

I’m seventeen and most of my friends are eighteen, and they’re all getting an ear pierced graduation day. I want to get one too but I’m seventeen? It’d just be in the cartilage right above my lobe piercing… I heard that I can get a cartilage piercing at 16 without parental consent but I’m not [...]