Ear Piercings

How painful is a tragus piercing?

I was thinking of getting a tragus piercing and i was wondering what the pain is like. Also would it be better if you get a gun or needle?

How much do cartilage piercings hurt?

I’m considering getting a spiral-type piercing, which would probably involve getting two holes in my helix. However, the only other piercings I’ve ever gotten done are in the lobes of my ears. So I’m looking for kind of a general idea of how much it hurts. I’m totally fine with shots and IVs from the [...]

Using snug jewelry for conch piercing?

can I use jewelry used for the snug piercing for my conch? I want it to look like this- http://jewelryforbodypiercings.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/conch1.jpg I would love to know where to get one online if anyone knows! thanks!

Answer my question please, I would appreciate it.?

* This is for a good cause! * Let us pretend that YOU and the person who YOU hate the most (X) , are to be executed. I give you the choice to choose an execution for you and X . Knowing that you will first have to see X die. And then it’s your [...]

Would a third earlobe piercing be too much?

I’ve been thinking about getting a third hole after I get my partially closed up second hole re-pierced. I got my first when I was about seven or something, and got my second when I was twelve. I’m fourteen now, so I was just wondering if that would be too much, or if I should [...]

Im getting a piercing which kind should i get regular cartilage or industrial?

I have been wanting my cartilage pierced for the longest time, so tomorrow is my birthday and my mom is finally going to let me get one, but i cant decide between just a cartilage piercing or an industrial piercing, i heard the ind. hurts alot but i like the way it looks more, but [...]

What hurts worse stretching your ears to 4g or tragus piercing?

My ears are both stretched to 4g and I am interested in getting my tragus pierced (the flappy part of your ear by your face) and I was wondering which hurts worse. I have a pretty high pain tolerance.

Industrial Piercings?

i need to know how much a vertical industrial piercing and horizontal industrial piercing cost. i want to get a industrial ear piercing from the top of my ear down through the out ear canal. here is a pic of what i mean. http://www.777bodypiercing.co.uk/images/piercings/ear/vertical-industrial-ear-piercing.png i would also like to know about how much pain i [...]

eyebrow piercing help URGENT?

ok heres the situation, i have a single eyebrow piercing however i am going to buy a spiral barbell and get my eyebrow pierced again to add two more holes to look like this http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/04-eyebrow/A50217/high/bmegl020042.jpg i can buy that one but it will be $20 and may take a few weeks to get here (i [...]

is my ear shape compatible enough to get a DAITH piercing? (pic)?

i reaallly want my daith pierced, and im a little nervous that my ear isn’t shaped correctly for this piercing, but i just wanted to get some opinions if you think my ear is alright to get the daith piercing, thanks. MY EAR http://i50.tiny pic.com/aolzkg.jpg DAITH PIERCING http://th03. deviantart.net/fs46/300W/f/2009/178/8/d/8de1796121968825a31ad2a0c9a3fd70.jpg erase the spacess