Ear Piercings

What is the gauge size of a normal ear lobe piercing?

I’m going to gauge my ears just a few sizes and was just wondering what the size of a normal ear piercing is, like ones you’d get done from…claires or whatnot..when you’re a baby ya know. (i get mine done with needles not guns just so you all know) Thanks.

Can my ear piercing hole still heal if I clean it once a day?

Could my ear piercing hole still heal if I only clean it once a day? Its supposed to heal in 2 days. &&I dont want to take the earrings out &&get it closed.Help? &&I didnt know which catagory to pick.

How long should your 2nd ear piercing stay in?

I got my second ear piercing on the 29th…i was wondering if anyone knew how long it should really stay in because unfortunately the man who gave me the piercing was a jerk and then gave me the wrong paper for care of piercings…my mom says that i should be able to take it out [...]

How can I Help correct a slightly torn ear piercing?

A couple years ago I got 2nd piercings done on my ears and while they were still healing one of them started to tear (must of happened in my sleep). I haven’t worn any jewelry in that piercing for about a year and a half now or more, I would like to in the future [...]

Immediately Take off Ear Piercing After Getting it PIerced?

Is it okay to completely remove an ear piercing on the same day you got the piercing? I know it isn’t fully healed, but I am just curious.

Is it normal to get an infected ear piercing even after you havent had a ring in it?

I took out my ear piercing like 4 months ago. And I woke up this morning and it was infected. Is that normal? It was gauged to like a 6 so its still slightly opened. Not a noticable amount though. Could that have a factoring in it? Also im taking an antibiotic called cipro something [...]

How about double ear piercing at the same time?

I usually see people get their 2nd ear piercing a while after their 1st… waiting for it to heal. I have a single piercing in my left ear, but want to add 2 more to it. and 2 in my right. so 4 piercings in one go… is this recommended?

What do GUYS think about girls with an ear piercing in the cartilage?

What do GUYS think about girls with an ear piercing in the cartilage? (top of the ear) Is it gross? Hot? Do you care?

Are there home steps to treat ear piercing infection and should I remove the earrings while in treatment?

I think my ear piercing got infected, because some liquid stuff can be found and when I try to insert the earring, pain sensation can be felt for few second and it gone and it already been a month since I got my ear pierce.

What should i do to prepare for tragus piercing?

tomorrow im going to get my tragus piercing and ive dealt with the pain of the cartilage and the industrial piercing but what should i do to prep for this