Ear Piercings

Daith piercing problem?

I had a daith piercing for three months, and it wasn’t healing properly. There was always a bubble on top of the hole, and it wouldn’t go away. I took the ring out and as soon as it exited my ear, the hole closed up. The spot the piercing was in became hard, and what [...]

Fore tragus/sideburn piercing…?

Hi. I’m wondering if anyone can tell me about their own piercing experience with a vertical fore tragus or sideburn piercing. 1. was there any jaw pain to eat, talk, or just move your jaw? 2. did it hurt to sleep on and if so, how long for? 3. How much did it hurt for [...]

Can I stretch my rook piercing from a 16g to a 14g?

So i got my rook pierced (16g) around a month ago, and I was just wondering if it were possible to stretch my piercing from 16g to 14g? and if yes, around how much longer should I wait to do so?

tragus piercing??

Hi…0k I was considering on getting my tragus pierced..f0r those 0f you who don’t know what that is..its the little flap of cartilage that covers your ear canal..anywho I was wonder if people WHO HAVE THE PIERCING could help me…iam turning 15&I already have 2lobe piercing(1 in each ear)&I have my cartilage pierced which is [...]

how bad is snug piercing pain?

i have my ear lobes triple pierced and my cartilage done. I had my belly button pierced too, but it rejected. I want to get either my snug pierced, or just my lower cartilage. does the snug hurt obnoxiously bad?

How to convince your parents for text?

I can’t just text anyway. That will make them take my phone away. I can’t get a job. I’m busy with all my homework, tests, and projects, it just kinda stresses me out. Can you help me? Please? I really want it. And its hard giving out my number because people are all like, “You [...]

How long is my industrial piercing supposed to hurt for?

I got the industrial piercing a week ago and its been throbbing since. i clean it daily with sea salt solution. Is it supposed to hurt and throb after a week of getting it?

If I get a helix piercing near the top of my ear, will it eventually close?

If I get a helix piercing near the top of my ear and it heals and I wear an earring in it for a few years, then decide I do not want the piercing anymore, will it ever close? Or will there always be a hole?

can self piercing be a form of self harm ?

My sister has started piercing her self, instead of getting it professionally done. She’s 16, and seems to be in a depressive state. Our father has been diagnosed with bipolar, and I think she may have inherited it. She’s fallen out with her best friend, whom she shared everything with. Since then has been a [...]

How long does it take for an earlobe piercing to close up?

When it’s been pierced for 8 months Like how long can you leave an earring out before it closes/can’t get earring back in?