Ear Piercings

Could I go straight from a 20 gauge to 16 on a helix piercing?

I know practically nothing about gauges, but I don’t ever plan on going any larger than 14. I figured I’d just go from a 20 to 16 on the lobes since I haven’t heard too many horror stories about that, but is that possible to do on a helix piercing?

How do i convince my parents to let me get a helix piercing?

i am a girl in 9th grade who is very responsible. i have wanted a helix( cartilage or whatever you call it) piercing for a long time. how can i convince my dad and mom? my mom is okay with it but not my dad. help?? thanks

How long does a helix piercing take to heal?

I’ve had my helix pierced for 3 weeks now and it’s still shedding dead skin cells, it’s still sore and red.

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Helix piercing bleed after 2 years?

I got my helix pierced 2 years ago and I have been taking good care of it. There were no signs of infection whatsoever. The thing is, between those period, I have never removed my piercing before. So when I tried removing it the other day, it was fine but when I tried putting it [...]

How likely is it for me to get an infection with a cartilage ear piercing & sensitive skin?

I have sensitive skin & a nickel allergy; therefore i am afraid i will be more likely to get an infection with a cartilage ear piercing. I know to use a sterilized needle, and never go to a place w/ a gun. Also, how much does it hurt?!?

How much does a ear piercing cartridge cost?

I bought a piercing gun at Walmart, and it was 5 dollars, it doesn’t have the cartridge included, and i was going to do 8 piercings going up the side off my ear ( don’t know the name of it) but how much will that cost for 16 cartridges? Or can i keep using the [...]

How long after the initial ear piercing before you can stretch it?

I have one ear gauged really big 7/8. But that’s the only piercing I’ve ever had and I guess around the age of 16 when I was at 7/16 the notion struck me “I have two ears, I should stretch the other ear, and just never did and now I really want to so I [...]

How much is the cheapest ear piercing earring at piercing pagoda?

How much for the cheapest ear piercing eariing at piercing pagoda?