Rook Piercing

How much time for a Rook Piercing closes up?

My Rook is completely healed. I have this piercing over a year and a have. I also have a tragus piercing that never closes up, it can pass months without closing up. Lucky, right? lol But I don’t know if my Rook is gonna be like that :/

Anyway to convince parents to let me get a rook piercing?

I’m 17 and I realllyy want to get a rook piercing. I don’t know how to convince my parents though! They’re really close minded about everything and think it’s gross. Any ways I can convince them otherwise? Help Please! I dont want to wait til I’m 18

Would a rook piercing clash with my helix piercing?

If any of you have your tragus and rook pierced which hurt more? I have my tragus pierced and I’m not too worried about pain I just want to know. And do you think that a rook piercing would clash with my helix (cartilage) piercing?

How painful is a rook piercing? How painful is a tragus piercing?

Rook Piercing Tragus Piercing If you have either of these piercings let me know how painful they are.

Is it normal for the whole top half of my ear to be swollen after a rook piercing?

I got my rook pierced 6 days ago and the first three days were fine but the last three days have been hell. It’s very sore, throbbing, and the whole top half of my ear is swollen. Is it part of the healing process? Or should I be worried?

How bad is the rook piercing?

I have my belly button and cartilage pierced but i’m still a little nervous about the rook.

What is better for a Rook Piercing?

Im planning on getting my rook pierced and I dont know what kind of ring i should get put it first. Should I get a curved barbell or a captive ring?

How long do i have to wait to take my rook piercing out for a few hours and it be okay?

i got my rook pierced february 2010. and haven’t had any problem with it, it healed perfectly fine, and now i have to now get surgery in a few weeks and have to take it out. surgery lasts for 3 hours. would it close that fast on me?

When can I stop cleaning my rook piercing?

I got my rook pierced about 2 1/2 weeks ago. It doesn’t hurt at all to clean it anymore or move it. It only sometimes gets sore if I accidentally lay/sleep on it. I’ve been told to clean it with anti-bacterial soap. (which is what I did for my cartilage) and I do this twice [...]

Around about how much does the tragus and rook piercing cost? experience?

around about how much would a tragus piercing and a rook piercing cost? Anyone have personal experience, meaning do you guys have either done? Tell me about it please!