Rook Piercing

how long after piercing my rook should I wait to use hair spray?

I am a big fan of curling my hair and to do that I need, but I just got my rook pierced 6 days ago and I also happen to be a fan of not getting infections. How long should I wait before I can use it again?

I still get yellow crusties on my rook piercing, is it infected?

I got rook pierced about 3 years ago. I still get yellow crusties outside edges of the piercing.

Can I stretch my rook piercing from a 16g to a 14g?

So i got my rook pierced (16g) around a month ago, and I was just wondering if it were possible to stretch my piercing from 16g to 14g? and if yes, around how much longer should I wait to do so?

How do i know if my rook piercing is infected?

I got my rook pierced in March, towards the end. Its still swollen and hurts a little. Sometimes it gets stuck, with puss and stuff, if it infected? should i worry?

what ear should i get my rook piercing on?

okay well i want to get a rook piercing but i don’t know what side to get it on. on my right ear i have just doubles and on my left ear i have doubles & my tragus & cartilage done. which side would look better?

How long should my rook piercing heal before changing the earring.?

I got my rook pierced 2 months ago. It is still kind of swollen, but not too bad. Is it too soon to change the earring?

How long does it take for a rook piercing to heal?

I got my rook pierced in June and haven’t taken out the earring yet. There’s no swelling, it doesn’t hurt, and I can move it around easily. Does this mean it’s okay to take out?

How do I treat a swollen rook piercing?

I got my rook pierced at the beginning of September, and it looked to be healing well at first but now it is forming a small keloid scar at the top. I have been doing sea salt soaks at least twice a day but it seems to be getting worse. I don’t want to remove [...]

How long does it take a rook piercing to heal?

I just got my rook pierced and I was wondering what the proper heal time is.

Is your rook piercing suppose to swell ?

I just got my Rook piercing on Sunday.. and it didn’t hurt at all when they pierced it. I have it pierced with a barbell, and now its like reallly red and 2x the size as my other rook on my other ear. Whats the best thing to do to make sure it heals properly? [...]