Rook Piercing

How long does pain last after rook piercing?

How long after you got your rook pierced, did it hurt? I got mine pierced on Friday and its still tender.

How to remove a keloid from a rook piercing?

I just got my rook pierced little over a month ago. It has developed a keloid. How would I remove it?

How long will my rook piercing throb and stay swollen and red?

Please help! I had my rook pierced 2 weeks ago yesterday. It was fine until the beginning of this week when it started to swell, hurt, and turn red. Yesterday, it started oozing a yellowish greenish pus. I’ve cleaned it religiously 2 times per day with sea salt solution. Tonight, I cannot even wear my [...]

How long does the rook piercing hurt after getting it done?

I got my rook pierced on sunday and it was fine until tuesday, when it started getting really sore. Now my entire upper ear is still sore, and its been almost 4 days since Ive had it. Is this normal? And how long is it usually suppose to be sore for? My cartilage only took [...]

Where can I find rook piercing jewelry online?

Where can I find rook piercing jewelry online? Any help is appreciated!

What is the best piercing jewelry for rook piercings?

I’m getting my rook pierced soon and I was wondering which is better (as in heals better) to get it pierced with: a curved barbell or a cbr? Thanks everyone for your help!

How quickly is the rook piercing of the ear that is suppose to heal?

I have both the left and right rook pierced, and it has been quite a while and they still are not completely healed so just wondering.

What is the pain difference between a rook piercing and an industrial piercing?

I have my rook pierced and I really want to get my industrial done. But I’ve heard the industrial hurts a lot. When I got my rook pierced, I felt like it hurt a lot. And Im kinda a baby when it comes to pain. Any answer will help me with this! Thank you!

How much does a rook piercing hurt compared to a tragus piercing?

I already have my tragus pierced and thinking about getting my rook pierced. Just curious.

Is it guaranteed that my body will reject a rook piercing?

I’ve heard that rook piercings are like microdermals and will eventually be pushed out by the body. Is this true? Also, is it guaranteed that I will get lumps around the piercing? This is what people said about my nose piercing but everything was fine with it and it healed really well. Thanks