Rook Piercing

Which ear would my rook piercing look best on?

I want to get a rook piercing, yes i know they are supposed to be very painful, but i’m not sure which ear i want to get it on. I currrently have a lobe piercing on each ear and a cartilage piercing on my left ear. Would a rook look better on the ear with [...]

Will a rook piercing look good with my tragus?

I have my tragus pierced and really want to get my rook pierced but I don’t know if it will look silly together or if it will look like too much on my ear (I also have two lobe piercings). Some of the rook piercings I have seen look like the balls on the end [...]

How bad does a rook piercing hurt?

On a scale of 1 -10, 1 being the least painful, 10 being the most, How bad does a rook piercing hurt? And/Or how does it compare to a cartilage or tragus piercing?

Rook piercing on same side as tragus or cartilage?

I am planning on getting my rook and cartilage pierced but i dont know which sides to get it on. I already have my tragus pierced on the left ear with a stud. What do you think will look better, rook piercing on left ear with my tragus and cartilage on right ear or cartilage [...]

What to do with keloid or hypertrophic scar on rook piercing?

So I got my rook (upper cartilage piercing) pierced a little more than two months ago and within the first month, I noticed this bump encircling the hole of the piercing. Compared to my unpierced rook, my pierced rook has that raised slightly reddish bump and is bigger/more swollen. However, it is not itchy and [...]

What is the normal gauge of a rook piercing?

I took my rook piercing out last summer because I was sitting on a bridge messing around with it and it fell out. What is the usual gauge for one of these? 16, 18, 20? Thanks

How long do I have to wait to change my rook piercing?

I’ve had my rook piercing for about 2 months now and was wondering how long I have to wait to change it.


i have my first and second holes. my helix(cartilage) my tragus and my belly button. i dont even no if i have a high pain tolerance. but i sorta want my rook plus i think it looks so cute.my1st and 2nd didn’t hurt at all and my cartilage didn’t either. Ive had those for about [...]

Is my rook piercing infected or just normal healing procedure?

I got my rook done on tuesday, everything went fine with the piercing and place was clean etc etc. My ear has begun to swell and go a bit red, it is also very sore and hurts all the way around the ear not just where the piercing is. Does this mean there is an [...]

Can you help with my rook piercing questions?

I just got a rook piercing a couple hours ago. I know the best thing to do is use sea salt water 3 times a day and antibacterial soap once like in the shower. My question is what is the best brand to buy? Both sea salt and soap? Also, there is some black stuff [...]