Rook Piercing

Is it normal for a rook piercing to still hurt?

I got my rook pierced on Tuesday, I did sea salt soaks for the first 1.5 days and then I went back to the parlor and got H2Ocean. The piercer said that I should stop doing sea salt soaks if I am using H2Ocean but still use soap in the shower with in. Anyways it [...]

Does the conch or the rook piercing hurt more than the industrial?

I have my industrial and my tragus piercing already. and i want to know if the rook or conch/shell would hurt as much as the industrial? when i got my industrial done, it kinda hurt. &&im thinking of getting the conch and the rook the same day. any advises or tips?

How much does a rook piercing hurt?

I’ve got my tragus pierced, and that didn’t hurt much, so is a rook piercing about the same? Or does it hurt more?

What to expect when getting a rook piercing?

i want to get my rook pierced, but i don’t really know anything about it. i think it’s a cool look. do they use a gun? or that needle-y thing? can i get it done somewhere like a mall or do i have to go to some sketchy shop? how bad does it hurt? how [...]

How do I know if my rook piercing is rejecting?

I got my rook pierced on New Years eve, and my ear hurts, (of course when you get a new piercing its going to hurt) But im afraid of it rejecting. I have never had any other piercing reject. so How do i know if my rook will reject?

What are the pros and cons of the rook piercing?

I already have my tragus pierced and was thinking about getting my rook pierced. What are the pros and cons of the rook piercing? Will the rook piercing hurt more than my tragus? Any advice would be great…thanks!

What is the normal procedure for a rook piercing?

I’m thinking about getting my rook pierced, but I have a few questions first… 1. How is it pierced? 2. What is the healing process and period? 3. What kind of jewelry is best for the first piercing? 4. What are the risks? Thank you!

How long until you can take a rook piercing out?

I want to get a rook piercing. The only problem is that in like 2 and a half months I would have to take it out. Would that be fine ? It would only be out for 2 hours max and I would put it in right away afterwards.

How long does it take a rook piercing to fully heal?

I got a rook piercing on Oct 8 and it still hasn’t completely healed, and also does it go back down to the original size that it was before it was pierced? I knew if I tooko it out the holes would close. But, i wasn wondering if it will be the same size as [...]

rook piercing?

im thinking about getting a rook piercing. anyones opinion. i already have my 1st hole and one cartilage that i just got pierced about a month and a half ago. anyone wanna tell me about the rook piercing. if it hurts alot. if it bleeds. etcetc.