Scalpelled Lobe Piercing

scalpelling lobes?

ok so my earlobes are naturally big  and well i was thinking of getting them dermal punched or scalpelled. i thought about streching but im a very inpatient person and plus the fact that my lobes are naturally big,there about the size of a nickel, makes me just wanna go big at once. any suggestions [...]

uneven stretched earlobes. how to fix?

my ears are stretched to 9/16ths. its becoming noticeable that they were pierced unevenly, as one lobe is the slightest bit smaller. i know most people will say downsizing is how to thicken the smaller lobe, but i am so impatient! i’ve looked into scalpelling, but i feel like that is a very last resort. [...]

Can my well healed ear piercing be ‘moved’ with scalpelling?

I want to start gauging my ears, but one of my old lobe piercings is too high, it always has been… so is there a way to have it scalpelled to sort of like move it down a bit. It’s about 3 mm higher than the other ear and i hate it. I just want [...]

Piercers? Would this work?

Well so my ears were stretched and I’ve since downsized them as far as they’ll go to 1.6mm/14g. The reason I took em out was that one lobe was pierced waaayy further down than the other and the bigger I went, the more noticeable it got. I want to know if I can pierce over [...]