Snug Piercing

which would hurt less and cost less, a CONCH piercing or a SNUG piercing?

im getting one or the other tomorrow im not THAT bothered about the pain but would prefer one that hurt LESS lol thanks!

What on earth is a snug piercing! hahahaha?

What do all of the piercing terms mean? can you like tell me what all the words like “snug, rook, septum… etc” mean? hahaha, like what body part! I am just curious, i don’t want anymore piercings but my friend always talks about them and i am sooooo confused! So just like list em out [...]

Does a snug piercing go through the back of your ear?

Using snug jewelry for conch piercing?

can I use jewelry used for the snug piercing for my conch? I want it to look like this- I would love to know where to get one online if anyone knows! thanks!

Anyone who has a snug piercing and a helix piercing?

For those of you with both of the above piercings.. which hurt more?

Does a Snug piercing hurt? And does it hurt worst than an Industrial piercing?

i wanted to get my snug done sometime soon

how old do you have to be to get a snug piercing?

with parents permission?? i’m 13 and want it done.. how old do i have to be?

I’m thinking of getting my snug pierced. My cartilage is pierced so should I be scared about piercing my snug?

When I pierced my cartilage, it didn’t really hurt but I’m a little scared about piercing my snug because its all bone. Help anyone? How much does it hurt? Will it bleed? I need some experiences and some advice. Thanks

Can you change a snug piercing?

Can you? Or are you stuck with the original ring? If you can, how long after to get it done do you need to let it heal?

why is my snug piercing swollen?

ok so i got my snug pierced about 2 weeks ago. it was perfectly fine until 2 days ago i got pushed into my friends pool. now its so red swollen and the pain is unbearable. i clean it with the solution twice a day everyday and soak it in salt water also. so im [...]