Snug Piercing

I want to get either my rook or a conch or a snug piercing, which one is best?

Which one looks better, and hurts the least!

how bad is snug piercing pain?

i have my ear lobes triple pierced and my cartilage done. I had my belly button pierced too, but it rejected. I want to get either my snug pierced, or just my lower cartilage. does the snug hurt obnoxiously bad?

Snug Piercing good idea or not?

I currently have 2 cartilage piercings and my ears are stretched to 0 gauge. i did have my lip pierced too. i have a pretty high pain tolerance and was wondering if the snug piercing is a good idea and if id be able to handle the pain.

I want a snug piercing: words of advice are needed please:)?

i’ve already made my mind up, i dont care about the pain of the piercing or the swelling but what about rejecting? what is the rate of rejectment for the snug piercing? no stupid answers please, people with real experience aka. im going to a professional piercer to get it done, i have already gotten [...]

Will my snug (cartilage) piercing get infected because my rook did?

Last summer i got my rook pierced and it got so badly infected i was put on a drip, and obviously had to take it out. I had my tragus earlier in the year & it was fine. I want to get my snug done, but i was just wondering if its possible just to [...]

I just got a snug piercing… How long do I have to wait before I can change it to a different earring?

How bad does it hurt to get a Snug piercing?

I want a snug peircing and on a scale 1 to 10 (10being most painful) how ba does it Hurt? For those who don’t know what it is here’s a picture:)

Question for anyone with a snug or tragus piercing!?

Hey! I’m considering getting a snug piercing on my left ear, and my tragus done on the right (not at the same time though). I listen to earbuds literally every day, and I was wondering if after a snug piercing heals if you can still use earbuds? Also, the same question for the tragus piercing.

Considering a conch or snug piercing?

My next piercing is going to be either a conch or a snug, depending on how the pain is described. I’ve got bellybutton, tragus, rook, cartilage, & anti-tragus piercings, as well as 4g in my earlobes. How would you describe the conch & snug piercings- pain? process? think I could handle it? Thanks!

what hurts more a rook piercing or a snug?

what hurts more a rook piercing or a snug piercing.from a 1 to 10 with ten being the highest