Snug Piercing

People that have the snug piercing?

I have a pretty high paintolerance when it cmes to ear piercings.. People that have high pain tolerance that have their snug piercing….. did it hurt? How long was it sore for and how long did it take to heal?

How bad would a snug piercing like this one hurt? personal experience would be best =]

Snug piercing done with gun or not?

I want to get a snug piercing but is it ok to get it done with a gun or needle will it damage my ear if i get it done with a gun.

my snug piercing is KILLING 2 days after getting it done?

i got my snug pierced 2 days ago, im doing the whole sea salt soak 3 times a day, but its throbbing now, its awful. is this normal, cuz im getting scared.

Should I get a Tragus piercing or a Snug piercing ?

Which piercing is less painful ? Wont get infected as fast (if even) ? Easier to clean ?

How much does a snug piercing hurt ? & Is it worth it ?

Im 14, I just got my tragus done on both sides. I felt pressure & a little bit of stinging, but it was over really quickly. I wanted to get my snug done, if its worth it i might do it on both sides again. How much does it hurt ? some people said it [...]

Will my snug piercing get infected?

I want a snug piercing on my ear.I got my cartiledge pierced and it didn’t get infected but it got a bump on the back of it so I took it out and let it heal. Since that happened am I prone to getting my snug infected because it happened to my cartilege? Anyones Expierences?

Is it okay to put ice directly from the freezer on my snug piercing?

my ear is swelling bad, can I put Ice straight from the freezer on it? or should I put it In a ziplock bag or something and then apply it to my ear? to angel: the piercing it self hurts. not so and that you’d cry but it does hurt. as for the post pain. [...]

Is my snug piercing going to be okay?

So I got my snug pierced last friday and it’s been healing fine. I’ve been doing sea salt soaks and trying to keep from laying on it. Well, yesterday I went to get a haircut and they lady tugged on it pretty hard accidentally. Well it’s swollen, red and throbbing and I don’t know what [...]

How do I prevent all the infections and damage I can get from piercing my inner ear ( snug piercing )?

I want the piercings, but I’m very scared of all the infections i can get. is there any daily routines? things I need to be extra careful of? help!