Snug Piercing

How much money is a Snug Piercing in the UK?

Going to get it next week but im getting 2 others aswell which will add to about ?25, I’ve been searching for ages and i can’t find a genuine range ammount that it will cost. Its quiet unusual so im expecting it to be a lot. Anyone has it done or know how much? i [...]

Does the snug ear piercing help pin ur ears back?

My ears stick out a litte bit and i want to get surgery but i dont have enough money right now.. it seems that the snug ear piercing would help pin the ears back but i’m not sure. Can someone that has the piercing answer this? thanks!

my snug piercing is swollen, what should I do?

I got my snug pierced a little over a week ago and it started really swelling up yesterday. Since then it has not gone down and I’m pretty sure it’s actually gotten a lot worse. It hurts so very much and I’ve been taking tylenol and doing the regular sea salt soaks but it doesnt [...]

How bad does a snug piercing hurt???

I know pain is different for everyone but I want to know your experience getting this piercing. Thanks.

Should I get the foward helix or snug piercing?

I want another unique ear piercing. I already have my left rook and right tragus pierced. Which one and on which ear?

Should I get the snug piercing?

I’ve been wanting the sung piercing for a while now. And i’ve allways thought that it would be cool to have a double (one on each ear). I also have my rook done on my left ear, should i get a double snug piercing or would that not look right?

How can I hide a snug piercing?

I had my snug piercing done yesterday, and in a month i need to hide it for a gymnastics competition.. anyone have any ideas of how to hide this piercing? no, i dont mean a septum. this is a snug piercing –

What would be more difficult to clean, a rook piercing or a snug piercing?

My birthday is this Thursday(I’ll be twenty, so no need for parental consent), and I’ve been waiting for my tragus piercing to heal up(done June 30th, ’10) before getting another piercing done. I am not concerned about pain, I know this is relative for everyone. I just want to know what would be more difficult [...]

Easier way to tighten balls on barbell jewelry for my snug piercing?

I got my snug pierced a week ago and i’ve already lost a ball on the barbell i had. now i have another new barbell and both balls are on now. i dont want to go through that again but its so difficult to tighten the one on the inside of my ear! has anyone [...]

what to wear in a snug piercing?

i’m getting a snug piercing and i have absolutely NO IDEA what to wear in it. lmfao. i’ve seen people wear hoops. no, hoops are out of the question for me. no way. so what else can i wear? and what guage are most snug piercings?