Snug Piercing

how much does a snug piercing hurt?

I’ve already got my septum pierced, and an inverse bellybutton piercing aswell as stretched earlobes i thought none of my piercings hurt at all, the septum ive heard is meant to be one of the most painful and to me it felt like only a pinch. so how would i handle a snug piercing?

Is my snug piercing going to get infected now?

On the 18th of December i got my snug pierced, and it was all good, no swelling or anything, i could push it through to clean it properly. But last night on the 21st i had a drum lesson and you wear big over ear headphones that pushed it. It twinged a little but i [...]

What should I use to treat my possible infected snug piercing?

I got my snug pierced about a month ago. It was doing fine, really good. It got to the point where I’d forget I even had a piercing in it. That means I slept on it. And I think that may have caused something to get infected. It is now like pulsing and there is [...]

what ear piercing would look good with a snug?

I have my lobes pierced once and on my left ear i have my snug pierced. on my right i have my rook. which piercings would look good with them? its kinda naked right now and i’m looking into getting more but what?

Is there such thing as a successful snug piercing?

I’m going to get my snug pierced in a month and i’ve been doing research. But all i seem to find are stories of infection and rejection- has anyone had a successful piercing? Is it just that no one bothers to post god stories? Also, any useful info would be appreciated, thanks

How bad does the lip piercing hurt compared to a snug?

I’ve had many piercings (nose, tragus, belly button, ect.) and I’m trying to convince my mother to let me get my lip pierced. Before doing so, however, I would like to have a feel for how bad the pain is. I got my snug pierced about a month ago, and although it didn’t have any [...]

How do I heal my snug piercing?

I got a snug about 8 months ago and it started out fine but then got a bump, the bump went away after a couple months but now its been back for a few and its worse than before. It’s big and the skin on it drys out and it just is gross in general. [...]

Where can I buy earrings for my snug piercing?

I’m about to get a snug piercing, but before I do, I want to know that I will be able to find earrings for it. online websites are fine but I want ALOT of variety.

How do i care for a snug piercing?

I just got a snug piercing today How often do i clean it (i use the solution from piercing pagoda) Should i spin it everyday? I read somewhere that i should wait a week before spinning it, but i dont want it to heal around the earring. Should i wait? And how long before i [...]

Does anyone have a good picture of a snug piercing?

I’m looking for a pretty decent quality picture of someones snug piercing. Preferably one that has a stud in it, not a hoop. Thanks in advance.