Tragus Piercing

What is the starter earring and Gage for a conch and tragus piercing?

I am currently think about getting a conch or a tragus piercing, I was wondering what could be the starter earring and Gage for a conch piercing and a tragus piercing.

How can i convince my over protective mother that a tragus piercing is safe?

My parents said they would pay for a belly button piercing for my birthday but now I’ve decided I’d rather have a tragus but when I asked Mom she said no “because it’s unsafe” but she couldnt back it up. What should I counter that with?

In relativity to normal lobe piercing, how much does a tragus piercing hurt?

I have my lobes triple pierced and also a lip piercing. All 3 of these have barely hurt but I’m getting a tragus piercing on each ear next week and I’m wondering how much more painful they are due to the fact that it’s cartilage instead of tissue being pierced?

Is it true that with a Tragus piercing your face can become paralyzed?

Is it true that with a Tragus piercing your face can become paralyzed?

How do I treat an infected tragus piercing?

Recently my tragus piercing has formed a redish bump on the outside. Also on the inside it doesnt look pretty. I think its where the skin was pushed through, but it could be something else b/c it hasnt come out. Its like a big ball. How can I treat it as though its infected?

I think my new tragus piercing is getting a bump?

I have had my tragus pierced for about 2 weeks and 3 days. I’ve been turning the piercing to clean off the gunky stuff and idk if I’m supposed to. What do I do to get rid of it before its bad?

What’s the difference between a DOUBLE TRAGUS and a VERTICAL TRAGUS piercing?

Do they look exactly the same? Is double tragus 2 studs and vertical 1 bar, or are they just different ways of describing the same piercing? Is vertical actually a surface piercing which doesn’t go through the tragus, so would double therefore be more expensive (as it counts as two)? Not really bothered about the [...]

What type of starter earrings are better for Tragus piercing?

Im getting my tragus piercing tomorrow, should i get it done with a CBR / straight barbell? Heard some people said that straight barbell causes bumps, CBR doesn’t. Whereas some said CBR also causes bumps and straight barbell doesn’t. Confused : . Please help! Thanks!

How long does it take to heal a surface tragus piercing?

I just got my surface tragus pierced yesterday, & i was wondering how long would it take for it to heal? & im using this cleaner for it, & i use Q-tips to clean my this okay? how can i clean it?

How long after a tragus (cartilage) piercing can i change the jewelry?

Got my tragus pierced 3 days ago and was wondering how long it would be until i can change the stud? Also, what length and gauge is typical of a labret stud in a tragus piercing? Thanks! Rach