Tragus Piercing

How do I replace the jewelry in my tragus piercing?

I had to take out my tragus piercing recently for a CAT scan, and I have had difficulty putting the the ring back in because it’s so small. Does anyone have any hints for putting jewelry in a tragus piercing? It’s a small, stainless steel ring with a ball.

How long after getting a tragus piercing can i go swimming in a pool?

I read that fresh piercings cant be exposed to chlorine. So how long do i have to wait after getting a piercing (tragus) before i can go swimming? yes a tragus piercing. yess Sox are friggin amazing! haha.

How long can I keep my tragus piercing out for until the hole closes?

I’ve had my Tragus piercing in for about 11 months now, I took it out 2 days ago because it was getting all red and swollen with blood. I’ve treated it since then and it looks 100% better, I really want to put the piercing back in, I’m just worried about it closing up / [...]

How badly does the tragus piercing hurt?

I have one helix and a rook piercing. I was wondering how much does the Tragus piercing hurt in comparison to the rook piercing. Because I really want to get it, but I am afraid that it is going to hurt.

How much does a tragus piercing hurt compared to a lip, cartiladge, or monroe piercing?

I have a monroe piercing and cartiladge piercing, & from a scale of 1-10….I think a cartiladge piercing is a 4 and a monroe piercing is like a 3,, so wat would a tragus be?

Tragus piercing: How long do i have to wait in order to change the piercing and not get infected?

I pierced my tragus 3 weeks ago. I want to change the piercing but im afraid of getting infected… 1)Is it ok to change the pericing now and put a new high quality one? If its not 100% ok then how long do i have to wait to change my piercing? Thank you!!!

Tragus piercing?

I just got my tragus pierced a week ago, and for the first few days it seemed to be healing normally, a little dried blood in the mornings and tender, but healing none the less. After about 6 days it was no longer sore and it didnt hurt to clean. However, yesterday out of nowhere [...]