Tragus Piercing

How do I care for an swollen tragus piercing?

About a month and a half ago, I got my tragus pierced. It went great, no pain. And it has been fine unitl now. It seems very bruised and swollen. It hurts a lot when touched. I’m not sure if its infected or not. Is there anything I can do to take the pain away [...]

How much does a tragus piercing usually cost?

If you don’t know what a tragus is, don’t bother to answer… How much does it hurt to get pierced? Bar or hoop? Thanks!

How to convince my parents to let me keep my Tragus piercing?

Im 16 and I got my Tragus pierced last week, so far my parents haven’t noticed because ive kept it covered with my hair. Eventually they will notice, so how do I persuade them to let me keep it in? Thanks!

TRAGUS piercing ??

ok ive heard some people say its the most painful and some say its the least??? help me out here? i thik there cute and im thinking about getting it should i or no? i only have my navel pierced and that wasnt painful at all if tells you about my pain level….and also if [...]

Small lump on the back of my tragus piercing, how do I get rid of it?

I got my tragus pierced about 4 weeks ago and I clean it at least 2 times every day with saline solution. In the past week I have noticed a small lump on the back of my tragus piercing and it hurts when I clean my ear. Is it common with new piercings and how [...]

How painful is a tragus piercing?

I was thinking of getting a tragus piercing and i was wondering what the pain is like. Also would it be better if you get a gun or needle?

What hurts worse stretching your ears to 4g or tragus piercing?

My ears are both stretched to 4g and I am interested in getting my tragus pierced (the flappy part of your ear by your face) and I was wondering which hurts worse. I have a pretty high pain tolerance.

How can I tell if my tragus piercing is infected?

I just recently had my tragus pierced about 3 weeks ago. It was fine for a while, no pain whatsoever. I slept on it once and it swelled up the next day and after that it was okay. But I’ve accidently bumped it a few times and now it’s swollen again and is randomly stinging. [...]

How much is gold labret for Tragus piercing?

I am getting my Tragus pierced hopefully within the next month and I need to know how much a gold labret is in Canadian dollars so that I can have the right amount of money before I go. Thanks! I’m allergic to surgical steel and anything like that. I can only have real silver and [...]

What is normal for a new Tragus piercing?

I have just gotten my tragus pierced about a week ago. Its really swollen and forms a lot of crusties and kind of hurts. Is this normal, and how long does this last? How should i take care of it, and am i suppose to move it a lot so that skidoesn’tnt form around it, [...]