Tragus Piercing

What is it like getting a tragus piercing?

I really want to get this done, I love the way it looks but im still a little nervous. I have eight other piercings, three on each ear (none of which hurt) and I also have my nose and belly button done, none of them really hurt, would you consider that high pain tolerance? And [...]

How much does a tragus piercing cost and hurt?

I’m 14 and i’ve wanted to get my tragus pierced for about 3 months now. I’m either going in to get it done this week or next, but I’m kind of nervous about it. I would also like to know about the cost. I know it’s different for every studio, but in general about how [...]

How long do you have to keep a tragus piercing in for?

I’ve just had my tragus pierced but she forgot to tell me how long to keep it in for. Anyone know?

Tragus piercing?????

I have been thinking about getting my tragus pierced but not really sure if i should..i’m a 17 year old girl and i have my lobes, the upper part of my ear which i think is called the helix and belly button pierced. questions: Whats your opinion, should i? How bad does it hurt getting [...]

tragus piercing.?

I really want my tragus pierced. For those of you who got it pierced…how bad really was it? I have my belly button pierced and in my lifetime prolly had my ears pierced about 10 times…which hurts more? wahts the pain compared to? I also heard you can go deaf or get paralyzed. is this [...]

Tragus piercing………….?

I have been asking my dad if i can get my tragus pierced for awhile now and he finally agreed! currently, i have 2 lobe piercings on both of my ears. and on my left i have my cartilige pierced at the very top. so i was wondering… should i get the tragus piercing on [...]

Tragus Piercing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

ok so i got a monroe piercing and i really dont like it so im trying to convince my mom to let me get my tragus pierced instead i just want to know how much it costs to get it done the pain level does it hurt more than getting your lip pierced

tragus piercing…?

how was your experience getting a tragus piercing? i had mine pierced today, was just wondering how others experienced it.

tragus piercing…….?

I got my tragus pierced over a month ago, and was changing the piercing from the stud I put in, back to the original hoop (as i thought it was probably best to keep it that way for a while [only had stud in a couple of days].) However, I can’t reattach the small titanium [...]

tragus piercing??

Hi…0k I was considering on getting my tragus pierced..f0r those 0f you who don’t know what that is..its the little flap of cartilage that covers your ear canal..anywho I was wonder if people WHO HAVE THE PIERCING could help me…iam turning 15&I already have 2lobe piercing(1 in each ear)&I have my cartilage pierced which is [...]