Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing?!?!?!?

hey well Im an 18 year old girl, and I already have my nose pierced, and I’m really thinking about getting my tragus pierced. (If you don’t know where the Tragus is it’s located on your ear. It’s that little bendy part, its hard because its a cartlidge. But if you still have no idea [...]

..tragus piercing??

anyone with a tragus piercing- do you need to go to a body piercing studio to get this done or can you go somewhere like claires…?? also, can you give me an idea of the pain level?

Got my tragus pierced, i got h20 piercing spray, but should i be also cleaning it with something else?

Got my tragus pierced a few days ago, i’ve been using the h20 spray about 5 times a day, but should i also be cleaning it with soap and water with a q-tip. This is my first piercing, besides lobes and i just don’t want it to get infected.

What gauge is a standard Tragus piercing?

Hello there! I got my tragus pierced a week ago, but forgot to ask what gauge (thickness) the piercing is. What’s the standard size used for a new piercing? Thanks xx

how does a 12 gauge tragus piercing look like without the the jewellery?

how does a 12 gauge tragus piercing look like without the the jewellery?

Can you use a normal earring on a tragus piercing?

Okay so I’m fairly ghetto when it comes to piercings. (as in I usually do them myself or a friend does it for me) So I was wondering if you need to put special jewlery on a tragus piercing or if you can use a normal earring.

Will a lip ring go in a Tragus piercing?

I got my Tragus pierced a few months ago. I have a ring in it, and I would like a bar. The problem is I’m not sure which rings will work for a piercing. I found some lip rings (for a monroe) that I like, but I don’t want to buy them if they won’t [...]

What is more painful: nose or tragus piercing?

I have my nose pierced already and I’m getting my tragus done at the weekend. I just wondered whether it will be more or less painful then a nose piercing? Thanks in advance! x

How much does a tragus piercing hurt compared to a tongue?

I got my tongue pierced about a month ago, and i really want my tragus done, how much does it hurt compared to a tongue?

Is 16 too young to get a tragus piercing?

I’ve been 16 for a couple monthes now, and I want my tragus pierced. I don’t have many piercings, just three in each earlobe. Do you think I’m too young for a tragus piercing??? Thanks!