Tragus Piercing

Can you swim in a pool/ocean with a fresh tragus piercing?

I’m considering getting a tragus piercing (my first peircing) but I don’t know if I should wait til after summer since I am a big swimmer.

What are the pros and cons about a tragus piercing?

i am 13 and i want a Tragus piercing. but my mom won’t let me. i am trying to talk her into letting me have one. and i am looking for some info about it. what r some pros and cons? how should i talk her into letting me have one? and etc. by the [...]

Is brusing after a tragus piercing normal?

I just got my tragus pierced two days ago and I notced a black streak on it. The piercing isn’t really sore and seems to be doing fine, although it has been bleeding a little. The piercer said it was normal for it to bleed and scab and just not to pick at it. I [...]

How can i help my tragus piercing to heal?

I’ve just had my tragus pierced today, it looks so cute. I know to clean it twice a day with saline solution but what else can i do, im worried about it becoming infected. Thanks

New tragus piercing larger than other what can I do?

I got my left Tragus pierced today after having my right one done 6 months ago. After I got home I realized that the new piercing is a larger gauge than the other one and this really upsets me. What can I do to correct this, I don’t want a large gauge hole permanently in [...]

What should i do with my tragus piercing?

i have an infection in my ear canal, now my tragus piercing is infected and it quite swollen and is covering some of the ball that screws on at the front. i saw a doctor and he advised to take it out. what should i do? its really painful but i love the piercing. will [...]

How do i take a curved barbell out of my tragus piercing?

Some techniques i could use that helped if you have a tragus piercing? Anything besides going back to the piercer? I have tried to unscrew the little ball on the outside but it won’t budge =( HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE THANX =D

How much does a tragus piercing hurt compared to getting your cartilage pierced?

How would you compare the pain of getting your tragus done versus your cartilage?? I want to get it pierced somewhat soon. had my cartilage pierced (which wasn’t too bad, just a little pressure). I also had my navel pierced… and it was only a pinch the first time and the second time it was [...]

Is a tragus piercing equal to the pain of a cartilage piercing?

And if you know, does Claires pierce tragus? I know that they don’t peirce the inside of the ear.

How to use anitbacterial soap on a new tragus piercing?!?

I just got my tragus pierced two days ago and I have been cleaning it with antibacterial soap from Dial, and I also have been doing sea salt soaks. But I was wondering about the antibacterial soap. Do you just put the soap as liquid right onto your tragus or do you first make the [...]