Transverse Lobe Piercing

parents? piercings? help :-)?

every time i ask my parents if i can have a piercing they say no, mostly my mum, my dad doesn’t bother about things like that, so about 3 months ago i asked my parents if i could have my tragus pierced and they said no, one of my friends from school also asked and [...]

whats your opinion (piercings)?

so next year I’m turning 16 and for my birthday i want to get all these piercings done, I’m just wondering what your first impression of a girl with all these piercings would be? weaving- Industrial- Transverse lobe- Nape- vertical surface tragus- I’m just curious to hear peoples opinion, i [...]

trying to decide on my next piercing? [help please :)]?

so on my left ear i have the industrial, im going to get vertical industrial also on that ear.. but that leaves my right ear with nothing.. would it look weird if i got the transverse lobe on that ear? or the vertical tragus?: would it seam uneven or something? haha no rude [...]

Cartilage piercing pain.?

i currently have 14g standard lobes, 2nd holes are 6g and 3rd holes are 8g. I also have a transverse lobe which is this: would cartilage hurt more or less then any of those?

I Would Like A New Piercing For My 14th Birthday But..?

I’ve always been obsessed with piercings and body modification. Except my mum is wayyyyyy against it. I only have my lobes (once) and one was stretched to 5mm, but it got infected, so it’s back to normal earring size, and my right helix (which I begged for for near 2 years). And I know it’s [...]

can i repierce my ear a day after?

I used a needle that was to small to do a transverse lobe piercing (search it if you dont know) and tomorow i wanna repierce it but will the hole already start healing or is it still okay

Ear Piercing?????????????????

Okay, I want a transverse ear lobe piercing, which is: My question is if I get it can I wear normal earrings and this earing at the same time? I originally wanted a scaffold piercing, but the gristle thing was an issue! So I settled for this type, which I actually like now Thx [...]

Where Can I Buy Transverse Lobe Earring?

Online.. Stores.. This is the piercing just in case!! thx

Are micro dermal anchor piercings more painful than other facial piercings?

I want to get a micro dermal anchor piercing on my wrist but Im really scared of then pain, so far Ive had my lip pierced, my eyebrow pierced, and my belly button pierced, i also have a transverse lobe piercing and an industrial so i was wondering if the micro dermal anchor is going [...]

How much do Transverse Lobe piercings generally cost? ^ Such as this one