Transverse Lobe Piercing

is it possible to get a transverse piercing with gauged ears?

i have 1/2 inch gauges and i wanted to get a transverse peircing because i just learned about it but i dont want to lose my gauges could i still get it or would it rip my ear lobe?

horizontal lobe piercing?

i am thinking about getting a horizontal lobe piercing. here is a couple pictures that i found that are similar to what i want: the second picture is a better picture of the piercing, but i don’t want the ring like that, i’d want either a curved barbell or a teflon bar. i [...]

How bad does the transverse ear lobe piercing hurt?

To me it wouldnt hurt cause that part if fat and stuff so yea. but i want to know from someone you actually got it done. i live in montclair ca so if you know a great/cheap/sanitary/ to get it done please tell me IGNORE ABOVE To me it wouldnt hurt cause that part is [...]

how much does a horizontal lobe piercing cost? (transverse lobe) UK?

its this pericing… how much does it cost in the UK to get done ? (:

I’m getting a transverse lobe piercing?

i have 7/16 inch gauge earlobe piercing and im getting my transverse piercing tomorrow and i was just wondering if anyone knew if it hurt to get it done

I got a transverse lobe piercing, my lobes are now blue from bruises. Is that normal? Should I be concerned?

I got it on Saturday (it’s now Monday).

does a transverse lobe piercing hurt?

I’m gonna go get it done when i have money but i was just wondering about the pain factor? i didn’t think it would hurt because its on your ears but it goes through a lot more skin.

Can you wear a transverse piercing and regular earlobe piercings at the same time on the same side?

Im thinking about gettting a transverse lobe piercing, but i already have 2 holes in my ear lobes. I was jus wondering if it was possible to wear all of it even tho the transverse goes all the way through?

Should I get a Transverse Lobe piercing if I have 0ga lobes?

As I said I have stretched to 0′s and I want to get a Transverse Lobe piercing sooo I mostly want to know if it is safe and does it hurt a lot??

can you get a transverse lobe piercing if you already have two lobe piercings on each ear?

i have two lobe piercing on each ear and i’d like one more piercing on my left ear where it does not go through cartilage because i’m afraid it would hurt, is it possible?