UFO Piercing

Do extraterrestrials exist?

Do aliens exist? Everyone knows about the incident at Roswell when and ufo crashed in a farm and it was nothing like we’ve ever seen before. They recovered 1 alien corpse and 2 live aliens, and the materials from the ship were unheard of paper thin metal yet It couldn’t bent, pierced, cut, penetrated, burnt [...]

Ok last men jokes. Star if funny!?

What’s the difference between a man and Bigfoot? One is covered with matted hair and smells awful. The other has big feet. Why is a man like a moped? They’re both fun to ride until your friends see you with one. What’s the difference between a man and a parrot? You can teach a parrot [...]

again how much are these yugioh cards worth?

found a box of old cards so here they are. ( note all the cards i name are in mint condition and most of them more than likly are banned and suck but their old as god its not my fault) their arranged by name, rarity and pack 1st edition cards double spell, MFC, ultra [...]

This song/poem is for Tom DeLonge.is it good.?

I love you tom, I always will. When I heard that blink broke up,I was about to kill. I missed all your jokes. & I missed how you spoke. I loved your singing. & your lip piercing. I’m glad blink is back together.& I hope it stays like that forever. Tom where did you go [...]

Anyone else out there have the RH- factor with the reptilian traits?

I am A- RH- factor, and I have the reptilian triats, like the extra vertabrae, and my tailbone curves outward. Also I had 2 failed pregancies. Below are more traits of the rhesus blood type. 1. predominance of green or hazel eyes that change color like a chameleon, but also blue eyes 2. true red [...]

Can you shed some light on RH Negative Blood Types?

I recently discovered that my blood type is AB negative, and I have heard many things about negative blood types – for example pregnancies may be a problem. I also went to a website that said similarities between people having RH Negative blood include – 1. predominance of green or hazel eyes that change color [...]

Cool ear piercings…………………………………….?

i really want a new ear piercing i already have my first and second hole on my lobe, and i dont want to gauge them. I like the industrial bar but my mom wont let me yet. The tragus looks really painful, and i cant do a rook on my ear. i dont want a [...]

WHAT DO I DO? about what I saw?

I just saw a UFO… or U gliding O any ways… this thing.. was trveling at helicopter-ish plane-ish speed.. [at night BTW] it was giving off a blinding white light, like when you burn Magnesium.. or zinc.. NVM! so i thought.. PLANE but when it went over me.. same light.. and past me.. same light.. [...]

I swear I saw a UFO last night?

I swear I saw a UFO last night. There was a long, blimp-shaped object several hundred feet up in the dark, flashing on and off (like a strobe-light) definitely wasn’t a comet either. I heard a piercing noise too, like a scraping sound on a megaphone for a second or two. What else could it [...]

What does my dream mean?

Ive been having weird dreams about this guy that I used to like, he switched schools and I haven’t seen him in a while, these are two of my dreams Ive had… 1) Me, him and my sister were making like UFO things and my sister was sleeping the whole time so it was just [...]