Vertical Industrial Piercing


is it feminine to have your tragus pierced, im a male and have my lip and tongue im think about my tragus or getting a tragus bar to bend and go up to where a vertical industrial would go… opinions, i dont want to hear from you if your against piercings all together please dont [...]

Which facial or ear piercing would look good on me?

I was thinking of getting a like half vertical industrial piercing ending near the hook,maybe my lip pierce on my right side. Oh, and my tongue pierced. Im 18 but still scared btw the piercing on my ear i did myself and didn’t think these others would be safe. Here are some pictures: [...]

Infected cartilage piercing.HELP!!?

I got my vertical industrial piercing about a year ago and it’s been an extremely fussy piercing and it’s gotten infected more times than I can remember. Does anyone know how to treat infected cartilage? I’m already using the salt stuff I got when I had it done, but that hasn’t done much for me. [...]

Industrial Piercings?

i need to know how much a vertical industrial piercing and horizontal industrial piercing cost. i want to get a industrial ear piercing from the top of my ear down through the out ear canal. here is a pic of what i mean. i would also like to know about how much pain i [...]

Questions about industrial piercing…?

I got my vertical industrial done 6 days and now i am having some problems with it. It is swelling a lot, and my helix is starting puss a little bit. I’m told swelling and a little puss is part of the normal healing process, but it may be infected. The bar is actually pressing [...]

How can I do an industrial piercing by myself? Any tips even if your experienced?

I have a vertical in my left and want to put a regular angled one in my right. No i did not pierce my other one.

what is the overall best ear piercing?

conch, tragus, industrial, rook, or a vertical industrial piercing?

Vertical Labret Piercing info please?

I wanted to get a vertical labret done, i already have my tongue done and industrial so im really looking for pain ratio cause my tongue when i got it pierced i didn’t even know it, but the healing sucked so bad, the industrial piercing hurt really bad to get it done but the healing [...]

Vertical Indutrial Piercing?

I just recently got a metal bar jammed through my ear cartilage. The industrial piercing looks good and I like the way it came out, but it’s vertical because of the size and the shape of my ear, I guess, but everyone keeps saying they’ve never seen one running through the ear vertical instead of [...]

Could i get this pierced? a vertical industrial from my ROOK to my conch.?

Just wondering. That’s what i want but idk if it is possible to get a vertical Industrial in your rook. Okay thank you. !!