Vertical Industrial Piercing

Can you get both a vertical industrial and horizontal industrial piercing in both ears?

Vertical Industrial Piercing.?

I had my industrial piercing last summer.. but it ended up getting ripped out.. soo i’m debating on getting a vertical one now.. what do you think.. should i or not?!

How would a vertical industrial look with a tragus piercing?

I got my right tragus pierced a couple months ago, and I’m thinking about getting a vertical industrial, on the right ear as well. Any suggestions?

Can you still wear earbuds with a vertical industrial piercing?

I am wondering if I will still be able to wear earbuds with the bar going through the center of my ear – thanks for the help!

is it possible to get a vertical industrial piercing and a horizontal industrial on the same ear?

no i wouldnt do it at once. no way. but like if the first one heals and u get that afterwards

Your opinion on my vertical industrial piercing?

I have a vertical industrial piercing. When I got it I thought it was very unique and uncommon. I love it. I was just wondering what your opinion of it was ? Copying and pasting might help….

How old do you have to be to get a vertical industrial piercing and how much will it cost?

I’m 16 and will I have to bring a birth certificate or a parent/guardian or anything?