Vertical Lobe Piercing

angel bites or madusa?

which do you think would look better on me (minus the lip piercing on the side-Retired) Angel Bites- Madusa- So far i have 14 already: Vertical labret 2 in my tongue (double tongue) rook industrial 3 in each lobe helix eyebrow bellybotton Getting my nape done in a week! and eventually getting [...]

what is wrong with my cousins ear lobes?

when she was about 6, she got her ears pierced. they were fine for about 3 or 4 months but then it looked as if the ear rings she wore (she did not wear heavy ones, just little, light, girl ones) were sinking through the bottom of her ear lobe. in fear of them completely [...]

can dudes get these piercings?

* Monroe piercing * Bridge * Cheek * Ear cartilage * Ear lobes * Eyebrow * Tragus * Lip * Nostril * Septum * Tongue * Frenulum * Hand web * Corset piercing * Madison piercing * Eyebrow * Labret * Vertical Tragus * Nape piercing * Neck piercing * Sternum piercing * Hip piercing, [...]

which piercing should i get next (no haters please!!)…?

rook (?30) daith (?30) vertical tragus (probably about ?40 – not sure lol) or depends on what my piercer says he can do lol. belly button (?25) pain isnt an issue for me, so i dont really care about that. im getting them all done at some point anyway. i [...]

New piercing ideas? I really need help!?

my vch (vertical clitoral hood) just migrated/ ripped; so I need a new one. I have •left industrial • right cartilage • double lobes • tongue • navel I’m not considering nipples as mine are very small; ( ima 34DD) iiDEAS pleassssse:)

I want to get a few piercings in my ear can anyone tell me how painful they are?

i want to get a vertical industrial bar…the bottow part would go through my ear lobe,,,i also want my conch pierced…i heard that was painful…and also my anti tragus…or snug…havent decided yet…on a 1 to 10 scale how painful are these 10 being excrutiatinggg! thank you!

Custom-made barbells?

I have a vertical industrial piercing. I love it, and I want to get some truly custom-made jewelry for it. It currently goes straight down from my helix to the bottom of my conch, and I want something that skirts around the perimeter of the interior of my ear, like helix to lobe, and then [...]

What’s the pain like for a Septum piercing?

Heey i’ve wanted my septum pierced for a couple of years, but have never had the guts. i love the piercing, so i don’t wanna know your opinion on the look of the piercing. I’m just wondering, how bad is the pain? Is there anything you can compare it to? over the past 4 years, [...]

Considering hood and labia piercings..any advice?

I’ve been thinking about getting my hood pierced (vertically) since I was about 16. I recently turned 18 and my best friend and I said we would get it done together. I really want it done, but I’m beyond nervous. Any advice from girls with it?? My ultimate goal is to have a vertical hood [...]

Are these to many piercings ?

Ok so I’m 15 and I have these : left ear : Vertical industrial ( conch to conch ) , a conch piercing , two lobe piercings ( bottom one is gauged up to an 8 ) right ear : normal industrial , cartilage piercings , two lobes ( again bottom one is gauged up [...]