Vertical Lobe Piercing

What piercing would look best on me?

I’m no stranger to piercing pain… I’ve had my nostril, tragus, lobes (countless times), and horizontal eyebrow pierced. *** I had to take out the eyebrow because it rejected, so surface piercings are a no for me. I really want some sort of mouth piercing, but the way my teeth sit won’t let me have [...]

Does Getting Your Tragus Pierced Hurt?

So far I have my belly button, my forward helix, my cartalige, 3 piercings in each lobe, and my vertical tragus (sideburn). Does the tragus really hurt? None of my piercings so far really hurt at all just the sideburn a little. I’ve never been scared to get a piercing done but im a little [...]

Your most painful piercing..and would this hurt?

Hey guys! I was just wondering which piercing would you say is the most painful (including dermals and surfaces) So far I have: Double tongue(2nd one hurt more then the 1st) Vertical labret(Painful and bled alot) Eyebrow(didnt hurt at all) Industrial(The guy screwed yes it kind of hurt..but it didnt hurt enough to say [...]

Another ear piercing? Help?

Hello(: SO I am twelve and I have two lobe ear piercings on each ear. however, I want another ear piercing. I really want certain facial piercings too but I’ll have to wait! So anyway, I was thinking of a vertical tragus but then, I saw some info on how dangerous and painful it can [...]

How painful are surface piercings ?

i wanna get a vertical tragus piercing , and ive seen people with like their wrists pierced and everything and thought jesus they must of hurt !. does anyone know the pain factor of these piercings? ive already got , my nose , industrial , forward helix , 2x normal cartilages 4x lobes (2 of [...]

I want more piercings, But..?

My most recent piercing was a vertical labret. I found it to be pretty painful (*could have been because my piercing guy told me it wouldn’t hurt (because he knew I’d like it)*)but nonetheless, it hurt pretty bad to me. Long story short, I would LOVE to get another piercing, but I would like to [...]

Questions about rook piercing?

I’m fourteen, almost fifteen and I’m thinking about getting my rook pierced? I’ve had a vertical labret, x tragus, 2x ear cartilage, 2x ear lobe so I’m no stranger to piercings (: (Althought I’ve only had three done with a hollow needle, professionally.) I live in WI, so how old would I have to be [...]

what piercing should i get now lol…?

ok, i want something kinda different. but i need to keep it to ear piercings atm lol. im thinking either… vertical tragus (through the cartilage NOT the surface piercing) daith rook horizontal lobe. would i be able to get the horizontal lobe even though i have 3 regular lobe piercings, or would i need to [...]

What piercing should I get next?

I currently have double lobes, one helix (left ear), rook (right ear), nose and tongue web. I am going in a few days to get a vertical labret. What other piercing(s) should I get? (Need to get at least two piercings to get cheap rates)

what is this piercing? the one vertical on the base of the lobe?