Vertical Lobe Piercing

Helix Or Double Helix Piercing?

I have my vertical industrial piercing on my left ear already . I want a double helix . But will it look like im “over doing it” ? Too much on my ears ? I have my 1st and 2nd hole on my lobes as well . Is this just too much ? And owuld [...]

Which ear piercing would you recommend?

So I’m craving another ear piercing, and I have three potential ideas for one; 1. Rook piercing 2. Vertical tragus surface piercing 3. Regular cartilage piercing (or two right beside each other) I already have 3 lobe piercings on my left ear, and 1 on my right lobe (so I would put any additional piercings [...]

What’s this piercing called(pic)?

I’d like to get it, but I’m not sure what to ask for when I go to the shop. I don’t think it’s a vertical lobe, because it doesn’t look anything like any of the ones I’ve seen (I could be wrong here, though). And no, I don’t mean the vertical tragus. I mean [...]

Advice on a Vertical Tragus?

Im considering getting a vertical tragus piercing, and i cant find any concrete information on it. i keep getting either 100% positive feedback, or terrifying infection stories.. Does anyone know the chances of this surface piercing getting infected? And when if i take it out, how bad will the scarring be? Just some background- i [...]

what piercing should i get next that arent very common?

i already have my belly, tongue, vertical sternum, 3 normal lobes and my cartilage. what should i get next. im thinking about the back of my neck? any suggestions?

how painful is a forward helix piercing?

i’ve always been ok with pain, i have my vertical tragus done, which is the surface piercing just infront of my tragus, and that didnt hurt at all. i also have my lobes done which i presume wouldnt make a difference because they arent painful anyway. but i just want to know how painful my [...]

Vertical Industrial Healing Process (help)?

Just 2 days ago i had gotten a Vertical Industrial that goes from my Helix to my lobe. The piercer did a great job of mapping and the bar doesn’t touch anything inside my ear. Everything was going good and it only truly hurt when i bumped into things, but as of right now, it [...]

piercing ideas anyone :) ?

So far i have an industrial and a forward helix normal cartilage piercing and two lobe ones on each ear , i really wanted my tragus piercing but it turns out there too small i have heard about the vertical tragus piercing which is kinda like a surface piercing , anyone have an idea of [...]

Is this kind of vertical tragus a surface piercing or not? Do you have to be 18? I loveeee how it looks and I think I wanna do it . But some sites say it is a surface piercing and others say it is not? I know there is one that is also called a “sideburn” piercing…but the site where I got the picture above said that it is a surface [...]

What piercing shall I get?

Okay, so I have both lobes pierced, and a helix in one and a rook in the other.. But I’ve got the addiction to piercing and I’m definitely craving a new one. However, I don’t know what to get.. I’m in love with the vertical tragus/surface piercing – but it’s surface, something I’m worried about [...]