Vertical Lobe Piercing

Vertical Industrial Piercing Question.?

I plan on getting a Vertical Industrial, Helix to Lobe. I can’t find pictures of it, I have like 2 pictures, but I was wondering if I get that, will the barbell pull on the lobe? Like pull it up slightly? Or if I get a long enough barbell that it won’t do that?

When getting my cartilage piercing where is the least likely spot for infection?

i am 14 years old and i already have 3 lobes on right ear and 2 on the other. I want to convice my mom to let me get a cartilage piercing on my left ear so i am doing my research. and i want to know which part is the least likley spot for [...]

Anyone pierced the bottom half of a vertical lobe on stretched ears?

I have 0 gauge lobes and wanted to get only the bottom half of my vertical lobes done with labret studs in them. Anyone know someone who has gotten this pierced? Results? And would I need silicon plugs for better healing or could I leave my single flare metal tunnels in?

ear piercing question right here…?

k can u get a lobe piercing with a horizontal and vertical lobe piercing without the bars of the jewelry running into each other? + + =? can it work? hah that did work didnt* my bad if u get it then u know what ur talking about

Question About Vertical Lobe Piercing?

OK, I want to go get a vertical lobe piercing, which is this one I want to know if after I get it, can I still put in my normal ear piercing on? I’m talking about my regular lobe piercing. I haven’t seen any pictures of that, so I wanna know Thanks in advance:)

Vertical lobe piercings?

I’ve been looking into getting a new piercing done for my 16th birthday coming up, and I found this one on Body Modification E-Zine (BME) called a Vertical Lobe piercing. I’m really interested in this one particularly because I don’t want anything done higher up than my anti-tragus on my ears. I have only been [...]