Vertical Tragus Piercing

Double pierced tragus?

I was curious if I could get my tragus double pierced, I’d be using a labret style, but I’m thinking it’d have to be an 18g to fit two. So, is this feasible or are the risks of infection/rejection/just not fitting too high? Not to be confused with the side burn surface piercing or vertical [...]

Surface Tragus / Fore Tragus Piercing needs?

I got my fore tragus / vertical surface tragus or whatever you want to call it done yesterday, LOVE IT. no pain or anything as of yet. it was done using a surface bar. Just had a few questions that i wasnt sure of 1. i have salt water etc, was just wondering whats the [...]

Signs of/How to minimize surface piercing rejection?

I got a surface vertical tragus piercing yesterday, (something like this): The piercer seemed to know exactly what he was doing and had photos of his experience. The procedure was quick and painless. However, I didn’t read until later the high rate of rejection associated with this piercing. I am pierced with a curved [...]

Hey does anyone you know have this piercing??!?

A vertical surface tragus piercing is what I want. Its in front of the tragus its not a vertical piercing through the tragus. I want one but I don’t know much about rejection/migration and all that nonsense. Do you or anyone you know have one that has healed it successfully and had it for a [...]

Questions about lip/tragus piercings!?

1) How bad do either or both of these piercings hurt?! 2) I like the looks of the regular tragus or vertical tragus piercing. I have my ears gauged to a 00g. So which piercing type would you suggest?: 3) Do you suppose a left-sided lip piercing would look okay on me?: My [...]

Can I remove my tragus yet?

I have a vertical tragus piercing in my right ear. The piercer said it should heal in 12 weeks, and it’s been well past that now, I got it done in april. It doesn’t crust or hurt or swell or anything. Does this mean it’s healed? Will I be ok to take it out for [...]

Info on surface tragus piercing?

I already asked this q but i might get more answers in this section…anyway i want to get a surface tragus piercing (not a vertical) and it looks like this.. Anyone got it pierced and some advice? Thanks other link doesnt work…try this one

Vertical Tragus Piercings?

I’m planning to get my tragus pierced but vertically. I got my rook done and I’m just curious about the pain of getting a vertical tragus? Do you think it’d be similar to my rook?

Fore tragus/sideburn piercing…?

Hi. I’m wondering if anyone can tell me about their own piercing experience with a vertical fore tragus or sideburn piercing. 1. was there any jaw pain to eat, talk, or just move your jaw? 2. did it hurt to sleep on and if so, how long for? 3. How much did it hurt for [...]

surface tragus/sideburns piercing?

so today i got the surface tragus piercing it also called sideburns and vertical tragus . i know it can reject easily , so i need help on what i can use to clean it ? what could i clean it with, can i use bactine or alcohol ? HELPP