Vertical Tragus Piercing

tragus piercing question?

is it typicall more painful to get a vertical tragus, or a horizontal tragus piercing? also, is tragus pronounced tray-ghis?

Vertical Tragus!! Tell me what happened when you got yours please!?

Ok, so I’ve decided to get a vertical tragus tomorrow (not the vertical surface tragus piercing) and I want to know your experiences when you got it. I know it’s going to hurt like hell, but I think it’s SO worth it! Im so excited!! lol Here’s the vertical tragus I’m talking about if you [...]

surface tragus piercing, with tragus pierced. look good? or no?

ive been looking everywhere trying to find a vertical surface tragus piercing along with the tragus pierced. i have my tragus pierced and i wanted to see if it would look funny or not. it would make a triangle i guess. any help? any pics?

If you have a tragus piercing, can you answer this please?

I know it’s stupid, but how much does it hurt to wear ear buds? Or do you just don’t? I am going to get a vertical tragus piercing (not surface), so I would appreciate it even more if those people who have this piercing answered. I really would like to know though, from ANYONE who [...]

Jewelry for vertical tragus and how to fight rejection?

I’ve had my vertical tragus pierced for about four months. I have a flexible tygon bar in it which I forgot to change at the three month mark. Now it’s trying to reject. The jewelery is internally threaded, how do i remove it? Is the a better material I can try instead of tygon? Would [...]

Rejecting vertical tragus?

About 5 days ago I got a right vertical tragus piercing. The piercing itself didn’t go very well. The piercer came out too early and had to pull the needle down and then go the rest of the way out.(he went from bottom to top if that makes a difference.) He said that they reject [...]

Surface Vertical Tragus help?

I want to get a (surface) vertical tragus piercing…within a few days actually. I have an industrial, rook, tragus and clit done currently so I’m HOPING the pain isn’t more than any of these. So I’ve been reading a lot about people writing Surface piercings in general rejecting… Ok, I get it and know everyone [...]

Vertical Tragus Rejection..?

So, I’ve been considering a vertical tragus piercing for awhile (providing my tragus can be pierced vertically), and I’d just like to know how many people here have experienced rejection with this piercing. I know rejection is common with the vertical tragus, but I’m looking for real people’s stats. Thanks.

i want a tragus piercing. :) goods and bads of it? regular way or the vertical piercing?

Yeah thats it I just saw a picture of it, and thought it was nice.. so i asked my mom and she said.. “maybe”. So.. what the goods and bads of having it? Im glad that its still on the ear, because my mom wont allow me if its on my face. And i really [...]

how much more does a vertical tragus hurt then a rook piercing?

i mena the cartilage one not the surface