Vertical Tragus Piercing

Vertical surface tragus piercing?

I think I’m going to get this piercing, but I just wanted a little more information on it. Does anyone have this piercing? Or a different surface piercing if not? They’re also sometimes called sideburn piercings. Thanks. [: Thank you both. I know about rejection/the scarring and have considered that, but like you said because [...]

Tongue, Tragus, Vertical Tragus, Conch, Navel piercing pain?

I understand that every ones pain threshold is different but I was curious as to how bad on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst) was your piercing experience. Thanks.

Vertical tragus surface piercing?

So this coming up Thursday I am going to get my industrial and I was thinking about getting my vertical tragus surface piercing. I was curious as to whether or not anyone has it done on both sides and their experience with them. I have seen them on just one side but not both and [...]

Will a vertical (surface) tragus piercing always reject?

Is it always temporary? Or can it heal?

Vertical tragus – surface piercing or not ?

I’m confused? I want the one where it actually goes through your cartilage, not just the skin in front of iT. Is this a surface piercing or not? I have my other tragus done normally and it was fine, I just don’t want to get it done and then have it reject. Thanks

can i go swimming 2 weeks after getting my vertical tragus pierced?

i want to take my little sister swimming, but i dno whether the chlorine in the water would infect my piercing. help?

Vertical Tragus piercing? OMG!?

I want it! I felt in love with it when i saw it. I’m thinking about getting it on my right ear where my industrial is. who has the vertical tragus and do you love it or hate it?

How bad do vertical/surface tragus piercings hurt? Do they hurt more than a regular tragus piercing?

Which do you finder cuter on a girl?! my pain tolerance isn’t bad because every one says that a ndustrial piercing hurts like hell but it didn’t hurt me one bit!

Opinions on a vertical tragus piercing.?

So I’ve been debating whether or not to get mine done soon but I’ve been doing some research and many people say it’s very easy for the body to reject it. Any personal experiences with that and will it be worth it?

Does anyone have a vertical tragus piercing, and if so how much did it hurt, and how long after did it hurt?