Vertical Tragus Piercing

skin around new surface piercing (vertical tragus) turning yellowish ?

I am using a sea salt solution and I soak it twice a day for like three minutes. After that I put Bactine on it. The skin above where the barbell sits under my skin is turning a yellowish color. I just noticed it after the sea salt soak. Is it infected? I got it [...]

Where exactly is the vertical tragus piercing placed?

Because I’ve seen two different places like the pictures below. and Thanks (:

Im getting my vertical tragus piercing tomorrow but….?

i just wanted some info on the piercing.. should i get it done ect.. so far i have a scaffold/industrial piercing with a helix.. im quite okay with the pain of piercings.. so any advice ect.. also i know there are two different types of the vertical tragus i want this one.. so how [...]

Is the vertical tragus piercing actually through the cartlidge…?

I’m bewildered if it is, I will be astonished as to who can put themselves through that. I’m wanting this piercing, so could someone tell me? I’m far too worried to have it through cartlidge, but I don’t mind if it’s on the skin of the tragus. ^

Is a vertical tragus (NOT a surface piercing) more likely to reject than a normal tragus piercing?

Hi, I am going to get a new piercing in a month or so, and I have my heart set on either a tragus piercing or a vertical tragus piercing. I love both, but if I had to choose, I would probably get the vertical tragus piercing. Now, before people start telling me that the [...]

vertical tragus piercing question……?

i have the regular tragus piercing, but i want to get a vertical tragus piercing. can i keep the reg tragus piercing and just add this one in? i wnt it on my right ear, not my leftt…. the VT dusnt look like its actually in the tragus its self so i think i can [...]

Vertical tragus piercing?

Okay, I’m 14, and I have 11 piercings, I have to go off to school right now, but I really want a vertical tragus piercing. Not the traditional one that goes THROUGH your tragus, but the surface one. I heard that it usually rejects, and doesn’t last very long. I have an industrial, tragus, anti-tragus, [...]

Vertical tragus piercing? (who has it)?

Okay i know all piercing can go wrong. But the vertical tragus piercing have a high number of rejections. I love how this piercing looks it look painful…but it also looks cute. Do you have it and what was your experience? If you don’t have it. Maybe you know someone who does? feel free to [...]

Would it look similar if I got two tragus piercings instead of a dangerous vertical tragus piercing?

I really like vertical tragus piercings, but they are surface bar piercings and my body would probably cause it to migrate, so I don’t want to find out. Instead of a vertical tragus, could I just get two tragus piercings instead to make it look like the same thing?

If i get a vertical tragus piercing is it likely to reject?

And what would they usually pierce it with? And what type of bar do they put in?! thank you hehe xoxoxoxo